About Me

Hello and welcome to Ragged Rose!

My name in Michaela and I'm a twenty something fashion design graduate based in Kent. I'm an avid tea drinker, crazy cat lady and a lover of all things bright and colourful. 
I first created this blog all the way back in 2014 under the name of Delicate Rose and it was a place where I could share my love for fashion and my love for creating moodboard/edits that I had created on Polyvore (anyone else rememeber Polyvore?). Since then this little blog and I have come a long way and I felt it was time to give the blog a total refresh! There has been a slight name change but I've kept close to its orgins with Ragged Rose. 

Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet, hope you enjoy it!

Michaela x

*There may be a few hiccups whilst I'm updating the blog so please bear with me, it will be up and running properly soon! Thanks! x

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