Hey! Long time no see! How are you?

After a long break from blogging (almost 2 years I think), I am back and raring to go! I can't remember exactly why I stopped blogging back then, but it was most likely because of uni and wanting to focus on finishing my course. I think there was a lot going on at the time which just made me stop abruptly and not go back. Although, starting blogging again has been at the back of my mind for the past year or so now and I was in two minds as to whether I start it up again as so much has changed in the blogging world. I feel like a complete newbie coming back into it again yet I've had this blog since 2014. I felt like I couldn't come straight back to Delicate Rose and pick up where I left off because...well, it was two years ago and since then a lot has changed, mainly myself. I've grown as a person and now feel like this little blog needs to have a complete refresh/update before I can continue. 

I've decided to update the name Delicate Rose to Ragged Rose, 
1: just because I've outgrown Delicate Rose 
2: because I feel like Ragged Rose suits my personal style/blog better 
3: this name and domain will eventually/hopefully be a brand name for my own clothing brand (more on this in a future post). 

I've also updated the theme to a one that I found on Etsy, this one is called Clementine by Eve (FearneCreativeDesign). It's such a lovely theme and it has given the blog its much-needed refresh. Eventually, I would like to get a blog header designed but for now, I like the theme font as it is. Whilst I get my blog back up and running again properly, there may be a few little hiccups so please bear with me as I try and sort it out.

Artisan Coffee, Fulham London

Brief catch up since I last posted -
Since my last post in 2017, I've graduated from University with a first in Fashion Design in June 2018! Finally, I had finished and after three years of hard work stress and lots of tears, my time at uni was over. It was one of the hardest things I have done so far but I'm so happy that I managed to get through it, even though I said many many times that I wanted to quit/didn't want to do it anymore. I'm glad I fought through those feelings and got through to the other end.

All my hard work had paid off though as I was lucky enough to be selected to show my graduate collection at Graduate Fashion Week 2018! It was a complete shock, I really didn't think my collection was good enough as there were so many other collections that were better than mine. I did go through a stage of feeling bad for being chosen because I felt like I didn't deserve it. But, after having the support of my friends and family, I come round to the idea and let myself be proud of what I had accomplished. I was thinking of writing a post about my last year at uni and my time at GFW, would this be something you would be interested in? Let me know!

After graduation, I pretty much just took some time off for myself to recover from my last year at uni and went to Liverpool for a mini break, there will be a post about my time in Liverpool coming soon!
Oh and I also got engaged! No biggie... my boyfriend of 7 years, finally popped the question! It was a complete surprise, I had no idea it was coming and of course, I said yes!

The rest of the year I spent applying for jobs and working in retail (ugh). Fun... *eye roll*

Outfit details - Teddy coat & Leopard print dress - Topshop, Top & Beret - New Look, Belt & jewelry - Primark, Trainers - Converse,
Bag - Fiorelli 
Fast forward to present day 2019 - 
I'm now 24 and starting to panic that I haven't got my life sorted out?! I graduated back in June 2018 and have been applying and going for interviews since... but bloody hell it's hard! I knew it would be difficult to get into the industry, I've known that since day one but I don't think I was ready for the 'real life' aspect and the finance side of things. Apart from the job thing, the beginning of 2019 has been a bit of a rollercoaster, with the main high point of going to Rome, Italy in March. Other than that, it has pretty much sucked so far. But I'm trying to keep a positive outlook and trying to ignite my creativity again which is why I finally decided to start my blog again.

I missed blogging but I lacked that creativity and motivation to blog during my last year at uni but now I feel like it will be a good place for me to get back into things and use it as a bit of a therapeutic outlet. Now I don't have to plan my spare time around uni, I have more time to play with when it comes to blogging and creating content so I have a lot of ideas that I want to try this time around. Just to give you a rough outline, this is what I'm thinking of posting - more fashion/creative DIY's, sustainable/lifestyle related posts and I've also got a couple of travel posts lined up as well. I don't think I'll be creating any beauty/makeup posts as I can barely do my own makeup, I usually go for the 'natural/bare face' look but that is purely because my makeup skills are minimal...so I'll be staying clear of that topic! I may do a skincare related post but that's probably as far as it will go!

I'm going to wrap this post up here, otherwise, I'll carry on rambling on...
Hope you enjoyed my first post back after so long, let me know what you think!

M x