Clashing Era's - Uni Project

19 November 2016


Sorry, I have been a bit absent on here recently. I have spent the last couple of weeks running around trying to get everything done for my uni deadline. But it's all done now! Well, the first project at least.    I have had so many ups and downs with this project but I'm glad it is finally over and I'm so happy with how my final garment turned out! I don't usually share my uni work on here but I love this coat so much that I thought I would share it!

*This is probably the quickest outfit shoot I have ever done! It took less than 10 minutes and this was the morning of my deadline! 

The inspiration behind this project stemmed from a visit to Leeds Castle. I loved the interior and the luxurious materials used for garments and furnishings. Most particularly, the 17th Century interiors etc. So I decided to use that as my main inspiration and then clash it with a completely different era for the silhouette and then modernise it. I loved researching this project as it was everything I loved, especially all the intricate details!

Coat - Handmade (Uni Project)
Jumper - Primark
Leather Look Jeans - New Look
Silver Boots - Primark

I really struggled to find the fabric though. I had very particular fabric choices and it was a nightmare trying to find anything that matched my 'vision'. I think I visited London fabric shops 3 times within the space of a week! Luckily, I found this poly mix wool in the colour I wanted and then found the embroidered lace straight after. It was literally a 'third-time lucky' situation. 
If you follow my social accounts, you may have seen that cutting out and prepping this lace took forever! I spent a whole week prepping it all as I had to attach the lace before I could put the coat together which left me with less time to make it. But I managed it! I'm so happy with how it turned out and it matches my research and designs too. 

Let me know what you think! :)
Thank you so much for reading and hope you enjoyed it!



  1. That coat is so perfect, love it so much.