Sorry, I have been a bit absent on here recently. I have spent the last couple of weeks running around trying to get everything done for my uni deadline. But it's all done now! Well, the first project at least.    I have had so many ups and downs with this project but I'm glad it is finally over and I'm so happy with how my final garment turned out! I don't usually share my uni work on here but I love this coat so much that I thought I would share it!

*This is probably the quickest outfit shoot I have ever done! It took less than 10 minutes and this was the morning of my deadline! 

The inspiration behind this project stemmed from a visit to Leeds Castle. I loved the interior and the luxurious materials used for garments and furnishings. Most particularly, the 17th Century interiors etc. So I decided to use that as my main inspiration and then clash it with a completely different era for the silhouette and then modernise it. I loved researching this project as it was everything I loved, especially all the intricate details!

Coat - Handmade (Uni Project)
Jumper - Primark
Leather Look Jeans - New Look
Silver Boots - Primark

I really struggled to find the fabric though. I had very particular fabric choices and it was a nightmare trying to find anything that matched my 'vision'. I think I visited London fabric shops 3 times within the space of a week! Luckily, I found this poly mix wool in the colour I wanted and then found the embroidered lace straight after. It was literally a 'third-time lucky' situation. 
If you follow my social accounts, you may have seen that cutting out and prepping this lace took forever! I spent a whole week prepping it all as I had to attach the lace before I could put the coat together which left me with less time to make it. But I managed it! I'm so happy with how it turned out and it matches my research and designs too. 

Let me know what you think! :)
Thank you so much for reading and hope you enjoyed it!

An exciting post for you all today! It's all about the charity, Barnardo's!
I was lucky enough to be invited to guest post on The Thrift by the lovely Barnardo's team and I was more than happy to accept! You can see the post here. You should definitely check out their blog! They have some great posts and some DIY's too!

I absolutely love charity/thrift shopping! I'm always popping into Barnardo's stores to look for a good bargain or two. I recently visited a store in the cute town of Rochester, Medway. The store was lovely and the staff were very warm and welcoming. After spending a good half an hour (or more) rummaging through the rails of clothing and accessories, I settled for some printed trousers that were originally from Zara (they even had the tag still attached!) and a plain high neck top which was originally from M&S. 

Really love the print on these trousers! 

The trousers were £4 and the top was only £3!! I managed to buy an outfit for only £7! I couldn't believe it then and I still can't now. I found two items that are in amazing condition for under £10 and I can style them all year round!
Now the weather has gotten colder, I can't wait to style these trousers with a chunky knit jumper or an oversized coat. I think a trip back to Barnardo's is due! Maybe I could do a haul post next? ;)

Do you go charity/thrift shopping? If so what's your favourite item you found? :)

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Also a huge thank you to Barnardo's for inviting me to guest post for them!

Have a lovely day!
This is the third and final post from my 'Style on a Budget' series in collaboration with Everything5Pounds.com. You can find the first two posts below if you haven't seen them already. :)
First Post - Floral Frills

For my third and final outfit, I decided to style this beautiful floral blouse and metallic silver mini skirt. This outfit is my favourite out of the three and so I saved the best till last! (in my eyes anyway) I'm currently loving metallic silver this season and so when I saw this skirt online, I  knew I needed it in my wardrobe! The skirt is actually embossed with flowers and I haven't seen anything like that on the high street which sold it for me. 

This floral blouse is my favourite out of all the items! Pastel colours, floral print, pussy bow and ruffles on the sleeve hem? PERFECTION!! I love everything about this blouse even the 'V' shaped neckline! I really cannot fault this blouse. Amazing quality, it fits perfectly and it was only £5 to top it off!

I'm not sure what I'm doing in this photo...I think I was trying to show the sleeve details? 
or fly? haha :)

*All items are from Everything5Pounds and individually linked*

The bag and shoes are the same ones from the first and second post but just to recap; the shoes are amazing! They are great quality and true to size. They feature a faux fur panel on top of the shoes, which also come in different prints! The bag is great quality too and it is perfect for day to day use as well as on a night out! It is quite spacious as I can fit my DSLR camera as well as my usual items (purse, keys, lipsticks, etc.)

That's it! This was the last post in my Style on a Budget series, I hope you enjoyed it! If you haven't already, please check out Everything5Pounds.com! They have amazing stock and new items added daily! It is perfect for staying on trend whilst on a budget!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you think of the series in the comments below! :)
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This post is the second one in my 'Style on a Budget' in collaboration with Everything5Pounds. If you haven't seen the first one you can read it here.

For the second outfit, I have chosen this statement leopard print cropped coat. I have been after a leopard print coat for a while now so I was so happy to find this one! Admittedly, I haven't always been a fan of leopard print. I remember when I was younger, I used to tell people that I hated it and would never wear it. Well...I've only gone and eaten my words! I think my younger self would be horrified! But anyway, it is only recently that I have started warming to the print. I don't think I will go leopard crazy but I like the more subtle versions. The print on this coat is probably as far as I would go with leopard print. A few people who know me well and how I used to feel about leopard print even said to me that they never thought they would see me wearing something like this. But they all loved it! Me included! I loved the print on the coat and I love how 'out there' the coat is. I loved experimenting with my style and this is perfect to take it one step further!

Anyway, back to the main focus of this post! The coat is excellent quality and since I ordered a size up to what I would usually order, I can fit a thick jumper underneath which is perfect for when it gets colder. But to be honest you may not need to wear a jumper underneath as it is quite warm on its own.  However, it is down to the person; I always feel the cold so I would wear a jumper too.

I decided to style the jacket with plain black trousers and a floaty blouse. I wanted to keep it quite simple as the jacket is the main focus of the outfit. These black trousers are so comfy but I must admit, they're a little big. I ordered a size 10 because I would rather them be a little bit too big instead of them being too small and not be able to put them on. The trousers do have belt loops so the next time I wear them, I will add a belt. Other than that, they're great quality and you can wear them all year round because of the colour and the style. You could wear them to work or for a night out, the style possibilities are endless!

Like the trousers, I decided to keep the top simple which is why I chose this ivory blouse. I adore the frill detail around the neckline and the sleeve hem. It's so cute and adds some detail to your outfit! I love the neck tie tassels too! I thought this blouse would look great with the jacket as when you take the coat off, you still have some statement details for the rest of the outfit.

Cropped Leopard Faux Fur Coat *Sold Out*
*All items are from Everything5Pounds and are individually linked*

Unfortunately, I cannot find the leopard print coat online anymore. Items sell out fast on the website due to popular demand. So if you see something on the website, be sure to grab it before it sells out! However, you can recreate this look with another statement coat! There are plenty to choose from and new stock is added daily so you may find something that is even better than this jacket! You can find more coats and jackets here. 

The bag and shoes are the same ones from the first post but just to recap; the shoes are amazing! They are great quality and true to size. They feature a faux fur panel on top of the shoes, which also come in different prints! The bag it great quality too and it is perfect for day to day use as well as on a night out! It is quite spacious as I can fit my DSLR camera as well as my usual items (purse, keys, lipsticks, etc.)

What do you think of this outfit? Are you a fan of leopard print? :) 

If you haven't already, please check out Everything5Pounds.com! They have amazing stock and new items added daily! It is perfect for staying on trend whilst on a budget!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! The third and final post will be live tomorrow morning, so make sure you keep a look out!
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I have been planning for a while now to create a series of posts featuring on trend outfits on a budget. Being a student myself, I know it's annoying when you want to stay on trend but can't always afford what's on the high street. Then I found an amazing website called Everything 5 Pounds. I thought surely this isn't right. So I had a little look on their website and I was truly amazed by what I found!  I have been lucky enough to be able to collaborate with them to bring you a 'Style on a Budget' series. This is the first post out of three for the collaboration with Everything5pounds.com.

Everything5pounds.com is an online fashion retailer that sell on trend and quality clothing all for just £5! They don't just sell clothing though, there are so many other items to choose from, menswear, shoes, accessories as well as homeware and toys! All of them just £5 each! Also, new stock is added daily so you can keep up with the latest trends. 

As a fashion student, I always unconsciously check items before buying anything, I look at how well they're made and the quality of the fabric. When they items arrived, I checked and inspected each of the items and I'm pleased to say that I'm very impressed! I will be definitely be ordering from them again!
*All items in the posts are from Everything5pounds.com*

For the first outfit, I chose this pretty floral dress which features a ruffled hem and sleeves. Since frills and ruffles are a key trend this season, I thought it would be the perfect dress to add to my wardrobe. I decided to style it with a plain black knit jumper as I wanted to keep the focus on the dress. The knit jumper is so soft and really warm; which is perfect for the colder months. Plus, because it is black, it will go with almost everything!

I don't often like 'V' shaped necklines but I think this neckline suits the dress design and adds to the overall look of the dress. To be honest it did surprise me when it arrived as I didn't realise that the same 'V' shape neckline was on the back too but I actually really like it. If I wanted, I could add a plain turtle neck top under the dress for the colder months!

*All items are from Everything5pounds and are individually linked*

How cute are these shoes!? I love them! They have a Faux Fur panel on the front which is similar to 'pony fur'. These shoes are also available with different faux fur panels and I've seen a pair that have a white contrast panel instead! I may need to get those ones too! They are so comfy and they will look great with just about anything! I'm thinking of styling them with some contrast socks and mom jeans or trousers next. What do you think?

Also this bag is amazing! It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be but that's a good thing! I can fit my DSLR camera along with the other general bag items (purse, keys, lipsticks..etc). It also comes in 5 other colours too!

That's all for the first post! The next one will be live tomorrow morning so make sure you keep a look out! If you haven't already, please go and check out Everything5pounds.com! You will be pleasantly surprised at what they have to offer! Maybe even get yourself a little something, especially since it will only be £5! ;)

Have you ordered from them before? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments! :)
Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

Have a lovely day!