T.M.Lewin - The New Infinity Suit

21 August 2016


Today's post is all about T.M.Lewin's new Infinity Suit! I was contacted by T.M.Lewin to do a feature of their new Infinity Suit and I was more than happy to create a post for them. So I have chosen to show you ways on how to style/accessorise the new Infinity suit. But first I will tell you about the exciting new details that the Infinity Suit has to offer.

The Infinity Suit comes in two types of fit, slim and regular. Both of these fits will flatter you and will make you look smart and professional. The fabric used for the suit is Super 120's Merino Wool which is an open weave cloth that is made from 4 yarns that are twisted together; which means it absorbs excess water and keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the day. This fabric is also crease-resistant which will keep you looking sharp, smart and sophisticated for the office. The suit comes in two classic colours, navy and charcoal. These colours are perfect for everyday wear as you can accessorise them however you want. One day you can keep the accessories quite formal and the next you could add a bright tie and novelty socks for more of a fun look. Either way, this suit is perfect for every day at the office or black tie events.

So I have explained what the Infinity Suit is and what is made of and now I will tell you about a little bit about the model, Chase Armitage. As Chase is one of the most experienced creative directors for parkour and free running, T.M.Lewin chose him to model the Infinity Suit because they felt he was the perfect person to demonstrate how well made and resilient the suit is. The logic behind this is that if the suit can survive a free running trip across London it can survive what your commute will throw at it. 

You can watch the full video here - T.M.Lewin Infinity Suit 

Now for styling the Infinity Suit - 

*All items from T.M.Lewin and are linked*

There are so many ways you could style the Infinity suit, you could dress it up quite formal or you could add some bright prints for a more fun, casual feel. I chose the Woolwich Charcoal Slim Fit Infinity Suit to style but you can see the full Infinity Suit range here.
I decided to go for a more fun look by choosing some paisley accessories. This paisley print is a nice way to add some fun to your look but you still look smart at the same time. I love the paisley print so much that I decided to add a pocket scarf in the same print to the outfit. You could wear both at the same time or one at a time, either way, the print will look great against the suit. I chose blue socks to match the colours in the paisley print, plus it adds that extra bit of colour to the look. 

For the rest of the outfit, I decided to keep it simple and classic. I did this by choosing these black double clasp monk shoes, a reversible belt and a pair of classic silver knot cufflinks. 

If you want to read more about T.M.Lewin or suits in general, you should check out T.M.Lewin's blog! They have a lot of posts which contain tips and tricks from how to look after your suit to the top 5 packing trips for your bicycle commute to work. It is definitely worth a read! 

I don't usually create menswear posts but I thought it would be a nice change! :)
Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed the post! 
Let me know what you think in the comments below and I will reply as soon as I can! :)


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