Festival Style with Boohoo

11 July 2016

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I have an exciting post for you all today! I have been lucky enough to have been asked to collaborate with Boohoo to create a festival style look with items from the Festival Shop section on their website! 
It always shocks me when I am asked to work with amazing brands like Boohoo but it really boosts my confidence with my blog and I appreciate the opportunities I am offered.  

For the outfit, I decided to choose this printed maxi skirt as the main focus of the look and then chose a black crop top and some silver jewellery to finish the look. All the items are linked at the end of the photos. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the necklace is online anymore but I have found a couple of similar ones and I have added the links below if you want to take a look!

Hallie Chevron and Chain Rings
Robyn Layered Dreamcatcher Necklace (Not Available Online)
*Alternative Necklaces -
Robyn Layered Dreamcatcher Necklace
Ava Sun Moon and Star Layered Necklace

Both of the alternative necklaces are layered like mine but the pendants are slightly different. The closest one to mine is the first link although the necklace doesn't have the quartz pendant. 

I struggled to choose what items I wanted to create my festival look with as there was so much to choose from! But once I saw this printed maxi skirt, I couldn't think of anything else. I love the bright colours within the print and the fact the skirt has two slits either side. I don't usually wear maxi skirts because I find some styles restricting but this skirt is perfect as the slits allow for extra movement and keeps you cool on hot days. 

Since I wanted the skirt to be the main focus of the outfit, I chose a basic black crop top with the cold shoulder details. I thought it would add a nice bit of detail to the outfit without overtaking the focus from the skirt. I was a bit worried that it would be too small when I opened it, it looked tiny! But when I tried it on, it was a perfect fit because of the ribbed jersey material and it won't lose its shape because of the ribbing! I also really liked the small silver hoop detail for the straps which is why I chose to accessorise with silver jewellery. 

Like I mentioned above, the necklace I am wearing in the photos doesn't seem to be on the website anymore but I have found a couple of similar necklaces that you can look at if you wanted. The links for these are below the photos. Anyway, I chose this necklace because of the layering and I loved the dreamcatcher pendant. I noticed that in the middle of the dreamcatcher was a small blue gem that matched the blue within the skirt and thought it would go great together. 

I also chose some chevron rings as I liked that you can adjust the sizes of them. If you're like me and have small thin fingers and struggle to find rings that stay put, then these are perfect for you! I love wearing rings but most of the time I will lose them due to them falling off without me realising. These rings can mould easily around your fingers and they will stay in place!

All the items from Boohoo are great quality and great value for money! I really do recommend them if you don't shop there already! When you have a moment, do check out the Festival Shop section on their website, there are some amazing items and they really are good value for money! :)

What do you think of the outfit I have put together? Would you style it differently? I would love to chat so feel free to leave any comments below and I will reply as soon as I can!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope you liked it!
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