As much as I love bomber jackets at the moment, it was nice to switch it up a bit and wear an actual jacket. I found this army jacket at a vintage stall while I was at Reading Festival all the way back in 2013. Over the past 3 years, I have gone through phases of getting rid of the jacket then deciding to keep it. However, I feel that now where I am more fashion focused, I have found my own style and I will keep the jacket for good. I love the screen print on the back and love the Peace, Love and Unity quote.

I have decided to customise the jacket a bit more as there are velcro patches all over the jacket and I am planning on getting a few velcro patches to cover them up. It will be a bit hard as the patches are shaped specifically for army badges but I have already decided that I want to find a rainbow patch to cover the arched one on the shoulder. I'm sure I will be able to find other odd and random ones to cover the rest. It was suggested to me that I could find some vintage army badges but I would rather not, out of respect. The only army related patch I will put on the jacket is a 'Lest we Forget' patch.

Army Jacket - Vintage -
(Found at Reading Festival)
Crop Top - Topshop
Mom Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Dr Martens
Rucksack - Fiorelli 

The crop top is from Topshop but it is an old style, however, I have seen many similar ones on the high street; so you won't have to search far to find one. The mom jeans are also from Topshop and I love them! For someone who basically lives in skinny jeans, it did surprise me that I wanted to try this style. I'm glad I did try this style as it has opened up so many other options and it really has expanded my personal style. I don't think I have worn skinny jeans for a good few months at least! This is a big step for me! I'm experimenting with more styles (not just jeans) and finding out more and more about my personal style. I love it!

Lastly, my beloved Dr Martens! I have had these for a couple of years now and I still love them! I usually wear them more during the Autumn/Winter months but I love how they look with this outfit. I haven't worn them with these jeans before but I am planning to pair them up a lot more now! Every year since I bought these, I have been wanting to get a pair of the classic boot version. Annoyingly, when I tried a pair on they really hurt my feet. It is because of the way the tongue of the boot is sewn and the top of my feet pressed against the seam and it just wasn't comfy at all. I really wish they didn't hurt my feet as I really want a pair! :( 

How would you style the army jacket? I would love to know! Feel free to leave any comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I can! :)

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! 
Have a great day! :)

Last week I started reading #GIRLBOSS because I needed to get some motivation and I knew others that had read it and felt motivated as a result. So I thought, why not? I wanted to read it anyway, I just never got round to buying it. Well now, I have a reason to read it. To give me a much-needed kick up the arse. Has it worked? Hell Yeah! Over the past week I have been making a lot more effort with my blog and getting content, so far I have all my posts scheduled for next week already! I have never written so many posts in advance before! My lovely friend and fellow blogger Paige Joanna also gave me some amazing advice on how to keep motivated and create content and both her advice and the book has given me so much motivation. I am so happy with my blog at the moment, I just hope I can keep it up! 

Anyway, I have been after a pair of pleated crop trousers for ages. I have seen so many others pull them off so well! Due to finances, I decided to try Primark for a cheaper pair but I really wasn't keen on them but I wanted them so much I nearly bought them. But I chose to wait and save for the pair I wanted from Topshop and I'm glad I did. 

I thought the pleated trousers might be a bit uncomfortable because of the pleats but these are so comfy and so soft. The trouser length is a little long on me so I might shorten them a little but we'll see. The only thing is now I know how comfy these are...I really want to invest in the other colours! Topshop have them in Khaki, Blush Pink, Silver/grey and striped ones! Admittedly I'm a bit conscious that I'm going to flatten the pleats when I sit down but I'm sure that won't happen and its just me being paranoid. I have so many ideas on how to style these, you will probably see more outfit posts with them in soon!

Bomber Jacket - Miss Guided
Top - Topshop
Pleated Trousers - Topshop
Peep Toe Heels - Lily Lulu Fashion (Old)
Bag - Primark

I chose to style the trousers with my satin bomber jacket from Miss Guided, you may recognise it from a previous post! I thought the colour and the contrast of fabrics on the bomber jacket would look great against the silk like pleats. The ribbed high neck top is from Topshop, (it is an old style so it might be in the sale now) and I chose this colour because I thought it would look nice against the mink pink colour of the jacket. For shoes, I was going to wear my Miss Guided creeper trainers but I thought I would wear these heels from Lily Lulu instead. This is because I wanted to create a 'going out' sort of look and the trainers would have made it too casual. As the heels are a cream/nude colour, I went for a small box bag in the same colour, it is from Primark and again it is old so it may not be available anymore.

What do you think of the pleated trousers? Love or Hate? They are not everyone's cup of tea but I absolutely love them! Let me know! :)

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post!
Have a great day! :)
Hello Everyone!

Recently I have found that I lack dresses in my wardrobe. I have plenty of trousers and skirts that will see me throughout the year but I only own one black bodycon and one white lace dress that is now too short for me but for some reason I have kept it. As you may have noticed throughout my blog and social accounts I have been obsessed with culottes and trousers for ages now and due to that dresses just dropped off my radar. But, another reason why I haven't bought any dresses instead is because I haven't found one I actually liked enough to buy. I'm not one to wear tight fitting dresses, I just find that they don't suit me and I find them uncomfortable when it's warm. Which is why I don't wear the one black bodycon I own. I'm very picky when it comes to dresses. 

It was only because my family pointed this out that I actually decided to go out and actually look for a dress. No trousers...even though I saw a really cute pair that would be perfect for the transition into autumn. I went to London last weekend and I searched in Zara, Topshop, Urban Outfitters...practically everywhere for a dress that I liked but found nothing. The next day I ventured into my local town for one last half-hearted attempt on finding a dress and I found this cute floral dress in Topshop, I'm surprised that it was in the Oxford Street store. I loved it straight away and took it straight into the fitting rooms to try on. I don't usually go for 'V' neck items as I'm not keen on the style but I decided to put that aside and to try the dress anyway. I loved it on and ended up buying it because it is the only dress that I have found that I liked enough to buy.

I love the style of this dress! It reminds me of a 1940's style tea dress, even my boyfriend said it looked like it was from that era. The length of the dress is perfect, not too short but long enough to feel comfortable in it. As you probably have realised from previous posts, I love flowers so of course, I absolutely love this floral print! The pleated waist is perfect for adding some shape and some detail to the dress. It acts like a belt but it isn't tight around the waist. The only downside is that the pale colour of the dress can be a bit see-through but along as you wear appropriate underwear you will be fine. I am still getting used to the 'V' neck but other than that I love the dress. :)

Dress - Topshop
Leather Jacket - Topshop
Red Block Heels - New Look (old)
Bag - Topshop
Rings - Primark

I choose to style the dress with red shoes and accessories as I thought it would bring out the red in the flowers. I thought my red block heels would look great with the dress and adds to the cute, tea dress style. As usual, I chose my leather jacket to toughen the outfit up a bit; I always like to add some edginess to my outfits. 

Obviously, this is just one way you could style the dress. I have so many more ideas on how to style it, I may even create a 5 Ways to Wear post! If you would be interested it that post, please leave a comment below! :)

Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope you liked it!
Have a great day! :)

There are so many items at Coconut Lane that I need right now! So I have decided to share some of my favourite items at the moment. All the items below are under £20 and don't forget you can use my discount code to get 20% off your basket at the checkout!! 

Discount Code - delicaterose20 

If you're like me and looooove marble, then you really need to take a look on their website! They have so many marble items in stock at the moment, including this amazing Neptune macbook skin and iphone case! There are marble notebooks, various marble phone cases and laptop cases/skins. This Neptune macbook skin is going to be the next item I purchase from Coconut Lane as it is sooo pretty! I love standard marble but this print is something else! I love the blue and gold colours mixing against the grey/white background. It would definitely make your macbook stand out!

Who doesn't love a bit of Rose Gold? When I found this delicate bangle online, I knew I needed it in my life! It's so cute and delicate, you could wear it with any outfit and it will still look great. It is such a simple yet elegant design. I love it!

This cushion cover pretty much sums up those much needed lazy days, especially Sundays! I could quite happily sleep all day sometimes and it is a nice little reminder to take some time out for yourself. 

I am really loving round sunglasses at the moment! I brought a couple of pairs from Primark but I think it is time to invest in a decent pair. I like the thin frame compared to the ones I have at the moment and I love the colour of the lenses! These sunglasses are the perfect pair that will go with pretty much everything! 

My favourite silver elephant pendant necklace recently broke and I have been searching everywhere for a replacement and I think I have found one! This silver pineapple necklace is cute and quirky which is exactly what I have been looking for. It would also match the pineapple phone case that I have recently brought from Coconut Lane too! Think I have a thing for pineapples at the moment. 

What is your favourite item from the wishlist? Or do you have another favourite item from Coconut Lane? Let me know in the comments below! :)

*Don't forget you can use the discount code - delicaterose20 for 20% off your basket!*

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Hello, Everyone!
Hope you are all well!

I have an exciting post for you all today! I have been lucky enough to have been asked to collaborate with Boohoo to create a festival style look with items from the Festival Shop section on their website! 
It always shocks me when I am asked to work with amazing brands like Boohoo but it really boosts my confidence with my blog and I appreciate the opportunities I am offered.  

For the outfit, I decided to choose this printed maxi skirt as the main focus of the look and then chose a black crop top and some silver jewellery to finish the look. All the items are linked at the end of the photos. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the necklace is online anymore but I have found a couple of similar ones and I have added the links below if you want to take a look!

Hallie Chevron and Chain Rings
Robyn Layered Dreamcatcher Necklace (Not Available Online)
*Alternative Necklaces -
Robyn Layered Dreamcatcher Necklace
Ava Sun Moon and Star Layered Necklace

Both of the alternative necklaces are layered like mine but the pendants are slightly different. The closest one to mine is the first link although the necklace doesn't have the quartz pendant. 

I struggled to choose what items I wanted to create my festival look with as there was so much to choose from! But once I saw this printed maxi skirt, I couldn't think of anything else. I love the bright colours within the print and the fact the skirt has two slits either side. I don't usually wear maxi skirts because I find some styles restricting but this skirt is perfect as the slits allow for extra movement and keeps you cool on hot days. 

Since I wanted the skirt to be the main focus of the outfit, I chose a basic black crop top with the cold shoulder details. I thought it would add a nice bit of detail to the outfit without overtaking the focus from the skirt. I was a bit worried that it would be too small when I opened it, it looked tiny! But when I tried it on, it was a perfect fit because of the ribbed jersey material and it won't lose its shape because of the ribbing! I also really liked the small silver hoop detail for the straps which is why I chose to accessorise with silver jewellery. 

Like I mentioned above, the necklace I am wearing in the photos doesn't seem to be on the website anymore but I have found a couple of similar necklaces that you can look at if you wanted. The links for these are below the photos. Anyway, I chose this necklace because of the layering and I loved the dreamcatcher pendant. I noticed that in the middle of the dreamcatcher was a small blue gem that matched the blue within the skirt and thought it would go great together. 

I also chose some chevron rings as I liked that you can adjust the sizes of them. If you're like me and have small thin fingers and struggle to find rings that stay put, then these are perfect for you! I love wearing rings but most of the time I will lose them due to them falling off without me realising. These rings can mould easily around your fingers and they will stay in place!

All the items from Boohoo are great quality and great value for money! I really do recommend them if you don't shop there already! When you have a moment, do check out the Festival Shop section on their website, there are some amazing items and they really are good value for money! :)

What do you think of the outfit I have put together? Would you style it differently? I would love to chat so feel free to leave any comments below and I will reply as soon as I can!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope you liked it!
Have a great day!
Good Morning everyone!
Hope you are all well!

So the time has come to finally announce the winner of the iPhone SE giveaway! 
But first, I would like to thank everyone who entered and everyone who shared and supported the giveaway. Don't worry if you didn't win, I have more giveaways planned so keep your eyes peeled! 

The winner of the Rose Gold iPhone SE and a Three Sim card with £10 already topped up is... Lauren Taylor!!  :)
You will receive an email shortly with the next steps on how to claim your prize! 

Again thank you so much to everyone who entered and hope you have a lovely day!