Wednesday Style - Graphic Essentials

19 August 2015

Hello Everyone!
Hope you all had a good start to the week!

The beginning of the week was a little stressful for me as I had to work and move into our house on Monday. We could't have a full day to move in properly so we also spent Tuesday sorting out stuff and traveling back home to pick up some more bits. Annoyingly I do have to travel back for work at the moment. Including the walk to the train station and the train journey, it takes 2 hours to get there and back!
It's been a stressful start but hopefully it will get better when I get my transfer and when we get a bit more settled in our house. Hope your week was less stressful! :)

I did plan to publish a Wishlist post on Monday as well but I'm afraid it just got pushed back due to everything and so I have rescheduled it for Friday! (get wifi in our new house on Friday as well!) :)

You can see the item details here -

There is a trend at work called Graphic Essentials and I love it! So I decided to use it as inspiration for today's style post! I really love this outfit and I may have to invest in this outfit on payday, especially the waistcoat. I have a thing for waistcoats at the moment...and the colour camel (as I mentioned in my previous style post!).

I chose to pair the grid print waistcoat with a camel tee, to add a bit of colour to the outfit. I then decided to keep the rest of the outfit plain with black ripped skinny jeans and black accessories. I thought it would be a great transitional outfit and when you have days out in the city/town. As it is simple yet stylish. The fedora hat adds to the 'city chic' look I was aiming for, as well as the peep toe black boots.
You can see all the item details in the link above! Most of the items are from New Look but I have used some that are not.

How would you style the grid print waistcoat? I would love to know! Feel free to leave any comments and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!
Have a nice evening!

Michaela xx

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