Hello Everyone!
Hope you all had a good bank holiday weekend!

Did you do anything exciting for the bank holiday? I spent mine back home with family and it was a really nice, relaxed weekend. So it is last bank holiday of the Summer season which means Autumn is officially on its way and I couldn't be happier!!
For today's post I have decided to round up my top 5 August favourites!

1. Moving into our first house! 

It's been an exciting month for us! My boyfriend and I have moved into our first house together! It's been a bit stressful but we got there in the end. It just feels so weird having a whole place to ourselves! It's a good weird though! haha :)

2. Working with Boohoo!

You can find the coat, top, skirt and rings on Boohoo!

This was such an amazing opportunity and it really gave me a confidence boost with my blog! I did not expect to work with any brand's yet as I didn't feel like my blog was good enough. I was so shocked but so happy when I received the email from Boohoo! I loved getting the photo's and writing this post! 

3. Working with Vernez!

Working with Vernez was another amazing opportunity for my blog and it is such an amazing app! As you know I love making outfits on Polyvore but this app makes it so much easier to create outfits on the go! I am planning to purchase an outfit like this!

4. My favourite purchase!

There will be an outfit post soon! :)

This waistcoat was my favourite purchase of the month! I love it! It's perfect for layering up during the colder months. I can't wait to layer it with a long sleeved roll neck and a scarf! Bring on Autumn!

5. Favourite Outfit

This outfit was my favourite during August, I love how comfy the outfit is but it is also smart and on trend as well. I actually found inspiration for this outfit on Vernez! I used a photo of Alexa Chung as inspiration and created the outfit on the app and I fell in love with it! I can wear this outfit throughout the Autumnal months too by adding tights and jacket!

What are your top 5 favourites from August? I would love to know! Feel free to leave any comments below and I will reply as soon as I can! 

Thank you so much for reading my post and I hope you enjoyed it!
Have a nice evening!

Michaela xx
Hello Everyone!
Hope you had a great week!

I am really excited to share today's post with you all as it is the first time I have been asked to work with a brand and for it to be Boohoo is just amazing! :D I understand that many bloggers get asked to work with brands all the time but for me, it has really given me a confidence boost with my blog and I can't wait to push my blog further! 

Anyway, I was asked to put together an outfit for a festival from the Festival Shop section on their website. At first I thought it would be so easy to pick an outfit but it wasn't! There were so many options and styles to choose from that I found it difficult to pick! In the end I went for a suedette a-line skirt, crochet top and a suedette duster coat. (All items are linked below the photos!) 

I styled my outfit as if I were going to Reading festival this year, which is why I went for an edgy take on the festival style. I chose to accessorise with a choker and a silver sun & moon necklace as they would match the rings from Boohoo. For make up, I kept it quite simple and went for dark red lipstick and a little eyeliner. 

Out of the items from Boohoo, I would say that the black suedette is my favourite! I love it! It's great quality and really comfy. It is also perfect for transitional styling into Autumn/Winter as you can just add a pair of tights and your set! I think I will create a '5 Ways to Wear' post with this skirt as there are so many ways you could wear it! 
The crochet top is surprisingly comfy and is not see through! I was a little apprehensive that it would show a lot of skin but it really doesn't! It has actually become one of my favourite tops to wear. 
I love the tan suedette duster coat! It is just so easy to throw on over an outfit to give it an instant style update! I think it really adds to my festival outfit as it gives it some colour and I felt as if I were attending a festival when I wear it. 

All the items were great quality and I definitely recommend Boohoo clothing to friends and family! On trend fashion, good quality and a great price! What more could you want!? :)

What do you think of my festival outfit? Is there anything from Boohoo you would have used instead? I would love to know! Feel free to leave any comments below and I will reply as soon as I can! 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed the post!
Michaela xx
Hello Everyone!
Hope you all had a good start to the week!

The weather has been horrible all day and now the sun decides to shine. Typical. I really need to get some outfit photo's for Friday but the weather has not been on my side all week! Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better. On the bright side, it's finally payday! I can finally go shopping and abuse my staff discount! ;) Well...after I have paid my rent and all the other important things. The joys of being an adult I suppose! ;)

For today's post I have decided to go for a festival theme as Facebook kindly reminded me that this time three years ago, I was enjoying myself at Reading festival! Wish I was there this year!

All item details can be found here -

I decided to start with this amazing rust coloured skirt from New Look. I have this skirt but in burgundy and it is so comfy, So I thought it would be great to wear at a festival. Plus, the colour is perfect for the 70's trend which fits in with festival style. I wanted to carry on mixing the 70's trend in with festival wear, so I decided to go for this cute knitted crop top from Topshop. The colours go perfectly with the skirt and really adds to the 70's trend. 

For a cover up, I chose this sleeveless waistcoat from New Look. I really like the detailed hem and the length of the waistcoat. Keeping with the colour black, I chose a floppy hat and these amazing fringe detail shoes from Topshop. For accessories, I went for a black detailed belt and a khaki saddle bag. I thought the bag would be perfect for a festival as it is small enough to carry around but big enough for the essentials you need throughout the day. 

What festivals have you been too or wanting to go to? Feel free to leave any comments and I will reply as soon as I can! :)

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!
Have a nice evening!

Michaela xx
Hello everyone!
Hope you are well!

It's been a long long week but I am glad it's finally near the end! Looking forward to having Sunday off so I can relax and sort out the house out in my own time. Now that we have broadband, I can even plan ahead with my blog! Which is a must as I start uni soon... 3 weeks to go! Getting very nervous now! Anyone else starting uni this September? Or going back to uni?

Since I have not been able to get outfit photos, I have decided to post a wishlist today, focusing on New Look! There are so many items that I need (want) in store at the moment, I thought I would share some with you! Honestly, this isn't even half it! ;)

You can find all these items online and in store! :)
Main items are linked!

Camel Drape Trench Coat - 
I have fallen in love with this trench coat!! It is at the top of my wishlist and I think it is a must buy when pay day finally arrives! The colour, the shape, the style...all perfect! I have been looking for this style coat for a while and I keep looking back to stores like Zara but after seeing this one and for only £39.99 may I just add, I think it is a style steal! Especially for AW15!

Khaki Sleeveless Duster Coat -
I am really loving the khaki colour at the moment although I am a little afraid that it may clash with my purple hair! I am planning to dye my hair a more of a pastel lilac so hopefully it won't clash too much! This is perfect to chuck on over a pair of skinny jeans and a plain top, all you need to add is a bit of lipstick and a statement necklace and your outfit is complete.

Blue Grid Check Longline Shirt - 
These longline shirts are perfect for those days where you want to be comfy and casual. I love them! I used to have loads of shirts like this but I have got rid of most of them as I grew bored of them. However after seeing this blue check one, my love for these shirts resurfaced and I am now wanting every one I see! haha :)

Grey Pointelle Knit 1/2 Sleeve High Neck Top -
If your a regular reader of my blog, you may recognise this top. It is back! New Look have brought out these tops again for AW and I couldn't be happier! I love them! So easy to wear and they go with anything! I have always wanted one in grey and so it is at the top of my list when pay day arrives!

White Ribbed Stripe High Neck Sleeveless Top - 
This white ribbed top is similar to the grey top, just without sleeves. I love these sleeveless tops at the moment as they go nicely under the sleeveless waistcoats I like. I would pair it with a buttoned mini skirt, loafers and a statement necklace for the warmer days. For the colder days, I would layer it up with a pair of jeans and chunky cardigan or shirt.

Black Poppy Floral Jacquard Mini Skirt -
I just love the print on this mini skirt! There are so many I like at the moment but this has to be one of my favourites! It is perfect for styling into Autumn as you can pair it with anything. Thick tights, chunky cardigan, loafers...anything you like! I'd probably wear it with a plain top like the white ribbed one, the camel trench coat and those black peep toe boots!

Navy Check Herringbone Scarf - 
I love love love scarves! I probably own way too many already but I love them! Perfect for snuggling into when the cold weather arrives. This one from New Look is lovely! I usually go for red check colours but this navy check is a nice change and I love the hint of red and camel in the check! Plus it is reversible! Navy check on one side and monochrome herringbone on the other! Two scarves in one! Who could say no to that? ;)

Tan Purse and Reversible Shopper bag - 
I always go for bags that are black or navy. I hardly buy bags that are different colours, unless I know they will go with most items in my wardrobe. I have only ever brought one tan bag and that was because I liked the fringe detail on it but I hardly use it now, which is why this one is on my wishlist. I love that it is reversible!! Two bags in one and a small purse! I like the tan side of the bag but I know I will go through phases of liking the colour so with the black side as well, it is great for when I change my mind about the tan. I know I could just buy another bag but this one would save money and I can change it on the go if I wanted too!

Black Zip Front Peep Toe Heels - 
These peep toe boots are just perfect! I love the zip detail and how stylish they look! I have a similar pair in cream and I would love to add these black beauties to my wardrobe! I would pair them with black skinny jeans, a breton top and the camel trench coat (from the image above).

Black Suede Embossed Jeans Belt - 
I seem to lack belts in my wardrobe as I don't usually like wearing them and most of them don't fit my waist. The ones I have brought before, I have had to pierce an extra hole in just to make it fit. So I don't go and buy them for that reason. However, after seeing this one, I may have to make an exception and try it on. I love the silver detail on the buckle and it would go great with some pieces in my wardrobe.

The watch, lipstick and rings are more of an idea of what I would get. This is because I would rather buy accessories in store so I don't usually look online for them. I really want to try the red lipstick though, as I have seen some nice colours but again I would rather buy it in store so I can test the colour first.

Are there any items you are after from New Look at the moment? I would love to chat so feel free to leave any comments below and I will reply as soon as I can!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed the post!
Have a nice evening!

Michaela xx
Hello Everyone!
Hope you all had a good start to the week!

The beginning of the week was a little stressful for me as I had to work and move into our house on Monday. We could't have a full day to move in properly so we also spent Tuesday sorting out stuff and traveling back home to pick up some more bits. Annoyingly I do have to travel back for work at the moment. Including the walk to the train station and the train journey, it takes 2 hours to get there and back!
It's been a stressful start but hopefully it will get better when I get my transfer and when we get a bit more settled in our house. Hope your week was less stressful! :)

I did plan to publish a Wishlist post on Monday as well but I'm afraid it just got pushed back due to everything and so I have rescheduled it for Friday! (get wifi in our new house on Friday as well!) :)

You can see the item details here -

There is a trend at work called Graphic Essentials and I love it! So I decided to use it as inspiration for today's style post! I really love this outfit and I may have to invest in this outfit on payday, especially the waistcoat. I have a thing for waistcoats at the moment...and the colour camel (as I mentioned in my previous style post!).

I chose to pair the grid print waistcoat with a camel tee, to add a bit of colour to the outfit. I then decided to keep the rest of the outfit plain with black ripped skinny jeans and black accessories. I thought it would be a great transitional outfit and when you have days out in the city/town. As it is simple yet stylish. The fedora hat adds to the 'city chic' look I was aiming for, as well as the peep toe black boots.
You can see all the item details in the link above! Most of the items are from New Look but I have used some that are not.

How would you style the grid print waistcoat? I would love to know! Feel free to leave any comments and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!
Have a nice evening!

Michaela xx
Hello Everyone!
Hope you all had a good week! :)

It's finally Friday! Which means it's time for the weekend!
This week has been a bit of an odd week for me so I am glad it is nearly over! Also next week I will be moving into my first house with my boyfriend! I am so excited! We decided to get a place together as we will be attending the same university in September and it will save on travel for both of us. So it just made sense to get a place closer to university. :)
I am a bit scared as it's all new but it will be fine. Just need to get used to the idea of having our own place. Those of you who follow me on social media may have known already but its all finalised now! :)

Anyway, I have a brand new outfit post for you all! Featuring this amazing burgundy cord skirt from New Look!
This is how I have styled it, hope you like it!

Shirt - Topshop
Cord Skirt - New Look
Loafers - Clarks
Bag - Michael Kors

This skirt is amazing! It is so comfy and stylish, it is perfect for the 70's trend! The burgundy colour will also keep it on trend during Autumn/Winter, when the deep, richer colours start to hit the shops. It is from New Look and it also comes in three other colours including the much loved camel colour and for £19.99, I think it is a style steal and definitely a must have for your wardrobe! 
I have styled it with many outfits but this is one of my favourites. I am thinking about doing a '5 Ways to Wear' post with the skirt. Who would be interested in this post? Let me know what you think in the comments!

I decided to style the skirt with a denim shirt as I was inspired by a photo of Alexa Chung I found on Pinterest. Alexa Chung is also one of my favourite style icons and who doesn't love Alexa? ;)
In the photo she wore a plain burgundy skirt and chambray shirt with tights and loafers. Since it was quite warm, I decided not to go with the tights but I will during the colder months. It is the perfect outfit that will be on trend throughout the year!

The denim shirt is from Topshop and I brought it about two years ago. I am so glad I brought it because I have styled it with so many outfits since then and I love that it still on trend two years later.  My loafers are from Clarks and they are unbelievably comfy! I wish they came in a tan colour as I would love to have brought them as well as these ones.  

How would you style this skirt? I would love to know! Feel free to leave any comments and I will reply as soon as I can! :)

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!
Have a nice evening!

Michaela xx
Hello Everyone!

Hope you all had a good start to the week!

Today has gone so quick! However, I did manage to get some last minute outfit photo's for Friday's post! Going to edit the photo's this evening so they are ready for Friday. :)

I don't know about you but I am loving the camel colour at the moment! Anything and everything that is camel coloured, I automatically want. There are so so many pieces at work (New Look) that I need and no doubt my pay will be spent on at the end of the month. However, I don't think I will go for an all over camel outfit, I prefer to have the one statement piece that makes the outfit stand out.

So for this week's style post, I decided to create an outfit with a camel statement item. Hope you like it! Let me know what you think!

You can see all the item details here -

The camel waistcoat is from New Look and I already have one in grey but I need it in this colour to add to my collection. There is also a khaki one that I need/want...both the same thing ;) They are only £22.99 and I think it is really good for an item that you can style all year round. This is definitely a wardrobe staple! 

I decided to style the waistcoat with a striped long sleeve top, a pair of white skinny jeans and a black floppy hat for the perfect city look. To add a bit of edginess to the outfit, I chose some black chunky heels and a black tote bag. I then chose red lipstick to complete the look as I think red would make the outfit stand out. 

What do you think of the colour camel? Yay or nay? 
Feel free to leave our thoughts in the comments below and I will reply as soon as I can!

Hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading! 
Have a nice evening!

Michaela xx
Hello Everyone!

I am back! Over the past month I have been so busy starting a new job and moving into my first house, that I just had no spare time to blog. As much as I wanted to, I had to put the more important things in my life first. However, I am back and I plan to blog like I used to again now that I am settled in. I was going to publish my outfit post for my first post back however, I was introduced to a new and upcoming app Vernez. I couldn't wait to share it with you all so I have decided to post the outfit on Monday and share this post today!

Vernez is an app where you can create outfits in the style of a magazine layout. You have the choice of using text, street style photos/celeb photos or whatever the inspiration is for the outfit you created. However, you don't have to use any images, you can keep it simple and minimalistic with just the items of clothing/accessories. As you probably guessed, I love creating images like these as I blog about them every Wednesday. I usually create the images on Photoshop or Polyvore but it's difficult to use these whilst on the go. The Vernez app lets you do this whilst out and about.

This is the 'Me' page on the app, it is your profile and like most apps you can change the profile photo and the banner; you can also add a bio and a link of your choice. It also displays your followers and the accounts you follow. 

Below are three sets that I have created since having the app. Let me know what you think!

This rust colour coat is amazing! I need this in my wardrobe right now!

I am loving khaki at the moment and this waistcoat ticks all the boxes for me!

Always crushing on Alexa's style! I need to find myself a chambray shirt
to pair with my burgundy skirt!

What I think of the app - 

Ease of use - 9/10
I find it easy to use and navigate around. The only part that I find hard to use is the menu when you want to publish a set. Sometimes the button doesn't work and I have to press it multiple times. However, this could just be the iPhone I was using at the time. I also wish you had an option to save a set if you need to close the app before you finish, like a Draft. 

The look - 10/10
I think it looks clean and stylish. Everything is easy and clear to read as well as being stylish. 

Content - 10/10
All the content is up to date with the recent trends and styles. You can access the items of clothing by clicking on the website links. 

Creativeness - 10/10
It's very creative and lets you create whatever layout you want! You can create any outfit and use any image you wish as well as being able to use text within the set. 

Overall I think the Vernez app is great, the concept is amazing and I love that you can create outfits whilst on the go as well as shop for the items if you wanted. I think the menu board at the bottom of the screen is easy to navigate around and is clear to see.

The only downside is that it is not available on Android yet. As I don't have an iPhone, I have to use either my iPod touch or borrow my boyfriends iPhone! Which he loves me doing! ;) Hopefully it will be soon! Other than that, I think it is a great little app and would recommend it to friends.

If you would like to download and try the app for yourself, here is the link to download it on the app store - Vernez App
& this is an exclusive invite code for you to use when you sign up!
Invite Code - oyza5r3oeu

Hope you enjoy the app as much as I do! Let me know what you think and what your user names are! I would love to see what you create! :D
What set is your favourite? I would love to know!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! 

Michaela xx