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The time has finally arrived! I'm going to Disneyland Paris tomorrow!! It has been a bit of a busy week so today was the only day where I could actually sit down and plan things properly. Even though I knew in my mind what I need to take and all the details etc. I like to sit down and plan everything to make sure I haven't forgotten anything. All the tickets and euros are sorted so its mainly what my boyfriend and I want to take with us now. So for todays post I thought I would share what we plan to take and also it is like a check list for me! ;)


The first day will be spent at Disneyland Paris. We can't check into our hotel till later on in the day. So this means we will have to carry our luggage around with us and we don't want it to be too heavy. Luckily we don't have to take too much, just a spare pair of clothes and toiletries etc. This is why I am planning what I want to take, to avoid carrying heavy and bulky bags. 

The second day will be spent in central Paris, we haven't planned where we want to go yet. We have been to the Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe and Sacre Coeur before, so if any of you have any ideas on where to visit, please feel free to leave it in the comments!! :) 

My list of things I am taking - 

- Spare pair of clothes
If I really plan my outfits, I could just take a change of top or trousers depending on what I am wearing. However, being the indecisive person I am, this tends to be more difficult! haha :)

- Make Up & Toiletries
Make up essentials - Pressed powder, mascara, eyeliner and concealer 
Toiletries - Tooth brush, tooth paste, dry shampoo and shower cream

- Camera's & Electrical's
Since my boyfriend and I are camera happy, we love taking photos and are keen photographers, we both want too take our own cameras which means twice the weight. I also want to take my polaroid.
We did consider sharing a camera and then I take my polaroid as well but as I mentioned before, we both want to use our own cameras to take photos. So we decided to take all three...but I'm sure we can share the weight equally between us. 
We won't be taking any laptops or tablets with us, so it will be our phone chargers and maybe a power bank. 

After looking at the weather forecast for Friday and Saturday, I am now thinking that it will be best if I brought a rain mac. On Friday there is meant to be thunderstorms. Amazing. hahaha :P I won't let the weather ruin the day though, if I have to wear a coat and carry an umbrella, so be it!

I will be writing about my time in Paris next week, so make sure you look out for it!! For now, if you want to see what I am up to whilst I'm in Paris, you can follow me on -
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Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to leave any comments below and I will reply as soon as I can!
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Au revoir!
Sorry couldn't help myself! ;)

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Hello Everyone!
Hope you all have had a good week so far!

I can't believe it's Wednesday already?! This week has gone so fast but that does mean it is another day closer to Disney on Friday! So excited! Only one day to go now and I am driving my boyfriend crazy with how excited I am. Can you blame me? I have been waiting since February for this day and it is so close now! :)

Anyway, for a while now I have been obsessing over this amazing yellow rain coat from Topshop so I thought I would create some outfits based around the coat. The outfit I have included in the post is my favourite outfit which is why I decided to share it with you.
Hope you like how I have styled it! :)

See all item details here!

Now if you asked me if I liked this yellow rain coat when I was 13, I probably would have given you a disgusted look and said no straight away. However as my personal style has improved and developed over the years, I now look at things in a different way and I absolutely love this coat now!
There are quite a few rain coats like this around but I have fallen in love with this one from Topshop.
This coat is also perfect for festivals! Even though I'm not attending any this year (as much as I would love too!) I can still dress in a festival style and this coat would be the first thing on my list for a festival vibe. I also like the clear/see through macs and would love to have one but this yellow one comes first on my list.

As much as I love dressing up, I do love the days wear you chuck on something comfy to wear with minimal styling and I feel that these dungarees are perfect for those kinda days! I think they would be perfect for a day out with your friends/family and where you have to do a lot of walking. This is because they will keep you cool and comfy at the same time, plus you can layer them up for those colder days. I have seen many similar dungarees in the lighter denim colours but I really like the black ones as I would probably wear this colour more than the other colours. Although I do like the acid wash ones.

To keep the outfit simple and not to take any attention away from the coat, I chose a simple striped tee, a white rucksack and a pair of white sandals. I wanted the coat be the centre of attention in this look. I love how simple and perfect the white sandals are! I have seen a pair in Primark and I may just have to invest in them...and the tan and black ones too. They would be so easy to wear for summer and will go with many outfits which is a bonus!

What do you think of the yellow rain coat? Yay or Nay? I would love to know your thoughts on this so feel free to leave any comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!
Have a nice evening!

Michaela xx
Hello Everyone!
Hope you all have had a good week so far!

Firstly, I want to apologise for neglecting my blog for a couple of days. I have been busy altering a bridesmaid dress for my next door neighbour and it has taken longer that I thought it would. Plus the weather hasn't been on my side the past week either. I usually go out and get outfits photo's for a few outfits over the weekends, so they are ready for the week ahead but the weather has been awful! There was no way I could get good outfit photos in the wind and rain, so I decided to go without. It's just been one of those weeks for my blog! haha
Now the dress is done and the weather looks like it brightening up, I can concentrate on getting good photo's and content for my blog. :)

Anyway, here is this weeks style post! Hope you like it! :)

See all the item details here :)

All of the items are from Topshop and you can see all the details in the link above. 

For this weeks style I decided to go for a casual look and create an outfit that I have always wished of wearing. I have seen so many women wear a simple, chic outfit like this and I have always wanted to wear it myself. It's so casual and comfy but yet it is so stylish! I love it!

I decided to go for a light blue chambray shirt for a casual look. I have seen some people style this outfit with a denim shirt which also looks just as good. However for me, I would rather the chambray shirt because it would be comfier and cooler. As Topshop jeans are good quality and fit me perfectly, I decided to choose a pair of their white skinny jeans to go with the shirt. 
To add a bit of colour and some detail to the outfit, I chose tan lace up sandals and a tan fringe rucksack. I have fallen in love with these tan sandals! They are similar to some Miss Guided ones that everyone (including myself) are loving at the moment! I thought they would go perfect with the outfit and would add some detail. 

If I were to wear this outfit, I would pull my hair up into a scruffy bun, add some red lipstick and create cat eyes with black eyeliner to finish off the look. 

What do you think of the outfit? How would you finish the look off? I would love to know, so feel free to leave any comments below and I will reply as soon as I can! :)

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!
Have a nice evening!

Michaela xx