Hello May!

1 May 2015

Hello Everyone!
Hope you all had a good start to May!

Before you start reading, please, please ignore my horrible roots! My hair majorly needs sorting! I didn't realise how obvious my roots were until I saw these photos. I am getting my hair cut next Friday so it will be ready to be stripped of colour on the Saturday and I cannot wait!! But for now, I ask you just to ignore them and pretend my hair is all one colour! haha ;)

For todays outfit I went for a casual and easy to wear style. I chose my trusty black leggings and a floral blouse. The weather wasn't great on the day these photos were taken and I think it was actually raining a little. I hope May brightens up so we can start dressing properly for spring!

Leather Jacket - Primark
Floral Blouse - Topshop
Leggings - Topshop
Boots - Primark
Bag - Topshop

I chose to style my trusty leggings because the weather was horrible and I wanted to be as comfy and as warm as possible. I love these leggings as they are quite thick so they keep you warm and also they are not see through! I don't often wear leggings out unless I have a blouse to smarten them up, which is why I chose my floral chiffon blouse from Topshop. Even though the blouse is a chiffon fabric, it is really comfy! 

The leather jacket is from Primark and I just love the colour! I chose this jacket to add a bit of colour to the outfit and to make the print on the blouse stand out a bit more. 

That's all for tonights post, I hope you liked it!
Thank you so much for reading and have nice evening!

Michaela xx


  1. Loveee this outfit and your hair style for this one!


    1. Thank you so much! I'm not too sure how I achieved this hair style but I'm going to try it again! haha :) xx