Wednesday Styling - Double Denim

1 April 2015

Hello Everyone!
Hope you have had a good week so far!

Firstly, sorry for not posting for the past two days, I needed to get back into routine and sort everything out after Ireland. I landed late on Saturday and so I decided that Sunday would be a lazy day because I felt really tired and ill. Trust me to get ill while I was away! haha! Feeling a lot better now and I am really glad to be home! This is why I left everything till Monday and Tuesday to sort out so I could get better. There will be a couple of posts about my time in Ireland will be up later in the week :)

Anyway, for this weeks style post I decided to go with Double Denim. I am really loving this trend at the moment and I am looking for ways to involve this into my own wardrobe. I have a couple of denim pieces which don't look too bad together but we will see. It doesn't help that I am still after a denim skirt and I can't think of outfits that don't include one! :)

Hope you like it!

You can find all the item details here -

I would love to have this outfit in my wardrobe! Especially the skirt and shoes! I have a denim shirt and a similar red bag so all I need are these shoes and a denim skirt. Half way there!

What is your favourite piece? Let me know what you think!

That's all for tonight's post, thank you for reading and I hope you liked it!
Feel free to leave any comments and I will get back to you as soon as I can! 

Michaela xx

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