Ireland - Part One

2 April 2015

Hello Everyone,
Hope you are well!

Today's post is all about my trip to Ireland last week! I have decided to split the post into two parts as there is so much to show you and I thought it would get a bit boring if I kept it as one.

Day One - The flight

Since I hadn't been on a plane in 14 years (I know, it's been so long!) it was natural that I was a bit nervous and apprehensive about flying. I was excited as well but the nerves sort of took over. I brought a pack of soft mints that I could eat during the flight as I heard it helps your ears pop? I think it worked haha! I did eat a whole pack on an hour flight though. In my mind it was keeping my nerves down! haha! It seemed like a good idea at the time but now I look back and just laugh at how silly that idea was!

The flight was pretty smooth, there was hardly any turbulence which was good! I loved looking out the window during the flight and I may have taken way to many photos of the clouds. The only part I wasn't keen on, was where the plane turns so the wing either dips or moves up towards you and at one point I just saw the ground horizontal which freaked me out a little. haha :) Other than that I think I handled the flight well. :)

Here are a couple of photo's I took while in the air :)

I'm still in the air!
(Rooster Teeth reference haha)

Starting the decent into Ireland

I landed at Shannon airport and was picked up by some family members. I visited the South West part of Ireland and stayed with my family in Letterfrack, which is near Clifden. It was a long car journey back to the house so we stopped off along the way to stretch our legs and have something to eat. I think it was about a three hour journey all together. I didn't mind though as the scenery was lovely to look at!

Day Two - Kylemore Abbey

For my first full day in Ireland my family took me to Kylemore Abbey which is a Benedictine Monastery that was founded in the 1920's. Unfortunately the weather that day was horrible!! The wind was so strong it literally knocked the breath out of me! And to top it off it was pouring down with rain. I think at one point the rain was actually horizontal. We got soaked. It was a shame that the weather was so bad because the was a botanical garden and gothic castle we wanted to take a look at but in the end we just wanted to go somewhere warm and inside. However, the inside of Kylemore made up for not being able to visit the other places as it was just so beautiful! The decor and the architecture was amazing! 
I love looking around places like this, for example: castles, manors and anything historical. I find places like this really interesting. 

Here are some photo's from the Abbey.

As you can see above, the weather wasn't great! haha

Day Three - Clifden 

On the third day we visited the nearest town which was Clifden. It is quite a small town but it had lots of lovely cafés and a vintage shop which is always a good thing in my books! There was also a lot of pastel coloured shops/houses which of course I loved and took photos of, haha :)

First of all, we visited a small café called Walsh's. It was so lovely and the food was amazing! I had a hot chocolate and a bacon baguette which was really good. We sat right at the back of the café next to the windows and the view was lovely!

After we explored the rest of the town, making sure we visited the vintage shop of course. Most of the shops were closed as they didn't open till later in the day but the ones that were open were cute. I fell in love with the knitted wool jumpers that were practically in every shop. As they are made from 100% wool, they were very expensive. I would have loved to buy one though! There was a couple that I really liked, they were all cable knit and thick oatmeal coloured wool.

The vintage shop was amazing! I loved everything in it! However, it was very expensive. Beautiful interior and the items were lovely but I just wish they wasn't expensive.

Here are couple of photo's of the Vintage shop -

Other photo's from around Clifden - 

Sorry it's a bit of a long post but I hope you liked it anyway! 
The second part to this post will be live on Saturday, so make sure you look out for it!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you liked it! :)
Feel free to leave of any comments!

Michaela xx

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