Blue Leather Jacket

6 April 2015

Hello Everyone!
Hope you all had a good easter!

How has your easter weekend been? Get up to anything exciting?
Mine has been filled with family, lazy film nights and of course lots of chocolate! Even though it wasn't a wild weekend for me, I still loved it because I did everything I loved. Visited family, cosy film nights in with the boyfriend and stuffing my face with chocolate! Safe to say I have probably eaten my weight in chocolate!

For today's outfit post I have decided to style my Dr Martens! I haven't worn them in a while so I thought it would be nice to style them again. It was a good thing I did wear them since it was raining a little on the day these photo's were taken.

This is Ellie! Isn't she adorable!?

Leather Jacket - Primark
Top - Primark
Trousers - H&M
Frilly Socks - Topshop
Bag - Topshop
Shoes - Dr Martens

It took a lot of treats to get Ellie to sit still and look at the camera! Bless her! She kept trying to run at the camera while my boyfriend Harry was trying to take photo's.

Starting with my leather jacket, it is from Primark and I brought it for only £10 in the sale! I love the colour and I think it is perfect for Spring! My top is also from Primark and you might recognise it from a previous post. It goes with everything and it is so easy wear!

As you know I have a thing for floral trousers and these ones are from H&M. The print on these trousers remind me of spring and the pastel colours are just so pretty! I also have a top in this print which is from H&M as well, I will have to do a post on it soon!

My Dr Martens are from Sole Trader but you can get them in most shoe stores and of course from the official DM store and online. I love my DM's!! I haven't worn them in ages so I thought I would dig them out of my wardrobe and style them. I forgot how much I love wearing them! Now they are out again, I will definitely be wearing them again!

That's all for today's post, I hope you enjoyed it!
Thank you for reading and feel free to leave any comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Michaela xx


  1. AWW its so cute your dog is posing with you ;) must have required so many takes for that shot! i love the colour of your leather jacket, its so unusual! Also, i got a pair of printed pants like yours from primark! Seeing your look makes me wanna take it out and wear it!

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

    1. Aw thank you so much!! :D Yeah we did have to take a quite a few and I had to persuade her with treats haha :) Yeah you should definitely wear them!!
      Thank you so much! Your comment has made my day! :) xxx

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