Wednesday Styling - Suede & Denim

11 March 2015

Hello Everyone! 
Hope you have had a good week so far!

Well today has been eventful for me and didn't go as I had planned! haha 
It was full of ups and downs but I am glad its over now. 

I'll start from the beginning. I woke up feeling a bit rough but I thought some air would do me good and so I carried on with my morning routine. As you probably know, I travel to London on Wednesday's to work for Mod Dolly; I really look forward to it every week. 
However, once I had settled down on the train I started to feel a lot worse and ended up being ill. So I had to get off at Ebbsfleet to get the train back home. Luckily the girls at Mod Dolly were really understanding but it didn't stop me feeling bad and like I had let them down. I was also really disappointed because I enjoy working for them every Wednesday. 
Since I got home this morning, I haven't felt right. At some points I would feel fine and think why was I being silly and then I would just feel even worse again. Which is why I am so glad it is over now, it's just been one of those days for me! haha  
Hope your day was better than mine! :)

Although, there was one high point in my day and that is winning a competition on twitter! I had entered a while ago by retweeting one of Style By Portobello tweets. 
They held a competition to win a beautiful 1970's brooch, I loved the detail on the brooch so I thought I would enter. I didn't actually think I would win! I'm not sure what to style it with yet but I'm sure I will find something!! I will do a small post about it when it arrives! :)

Since I won the 1970's brooch I decided to base this weeks style on the 70's trend! 
Hope you like it!

You can view all the items here -

I am seriously in love with the suede skirt! Another item to add to my long list of 'must haves'
I would really love to wear all of this. I have the hat and the lipstick, I guess that's a start? I just need the rest of the outfit now. :)
Most of the items are from Topshop but for full item details you can click the link above! 

That's all for this post!
Thank you for reading and I hope you liked this weeks style!

Michaela xx

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