Wednesday Styling - Beach Vibes

25 March 2015

Hello Everyone!
Hope you are having a nice week so far!

I don't know about you guys but I am dreaming of laying on a white sandy beach with the waves crashing against the sand. I am in serious need of a holiday in the sun! There are so many places I would love to go; Greece, Rome, Spain and so many more! Just somewhere hot! :)
Any suggestions? 

Today's style is based on what I would love to wear on holiday. The denim jacket is more for the evenings or if it gets chilly.
You can find the item details here -
I think most of the items are from Topshop but you can see full details in the link above.

I love love love this dress! I think it is perfect for a holiday in the sun, you can style it for day wear and even evening wear. The knitted lace fabric will keep you cool but you would have to be careful incase you get sun burn through the gaps! You may end up with the pattern burnt onto your skin! If you burn that is haha :) 

The sandals are so nice! I don't like wearing sandals that have the toe separator but that is just me, I'm fussy. Which is why I like these so much! I am hoping to buy these for summer, they will go with so many outfits. The bag is perfect for the essentials you need for the day, plus it is big enough for a towel if you are off to the beach!

I think the denim jacket is a must, incase you get those slightly cooler days or in the evening. Plus they are not too thick so its perfect as a cover up. 

Oh I wish I somewhere hot right now! haha 
Any of you off on holiday this year? If so where? :)

Thank you for reading and I hope you liked it!
Feel free to leave any comments and I will get back to you as soon as I can! 

Michaela xx