Throw Back to College - Part Two

12 March 2015

Hello Everyone!
Hope you had a lovely day!

This is the second part to last Thursday's post 'Throw Back to College - Part One'
I am just going to pick where I left off from part one.

After my year at Canterbury College, I enrolled at K College to study Fashion & Clothing. I did start a couple of weeks after everyone else because I had to sort out leaving Canterbury first.
Once I started the course properly I really got into it and was up for trying anything. I loved everything about it, even the research! Yes I admit at some points throughout the course I had times where I wasn't motivated but that happens to everyone. You just have to push past it and carry on. I also think it really helped that my tutors were always there to give me advice and push me in the right direction.

During my first year I learnt all the basics of sewing and really got the hang of it. I started to experiment at home, attempting to make my own clothing and I really enjoyed it. We did a bit of everything, from pattern cutting to printing our own designs. I can honestly say that I enjoyed both of them. Even though pattern cutting can be tough sometimes and can cause major headaches I still liked it, especially when a pattern goes right and works when you try it out in the fabric.

Our first project was based on the Victorian Era and Up-cycling clothing. We had to create a victorian dress out of four pairs of mens trousers and a large mens shirt. The photo below is the dress I designed and created with the clothing that we was given.

I dyed the trouser pieces black and the shirt a emerald green colour. However the colour did come out a bit lighter than I expected because the shirt contained polyester which doesn't take the dye as well as cotton. I also designed and printed the gold floral print on the skirt and corset.

Our second project was based on Escapism, we could choose our own theme within Escapism. I decided to choose Anxiety. This is because many people suffer from this whether it is a mild form or full on anxiety and I wanted to show how some people can feel trapped inside their minds; and how they wanted to escape from it. I researched into anxiety and its many forms; I decided to use a bird cage to represent the mind and a blue bird to represent the individual wanting to escape. I designed a blouse and a bag to look like a cage, hence the grey sections which represent the cage bars. The blue and cream represent the bird (individual) and freedom.

Our third and last project from first year we got to chose the theme but we had to design a dress and waistcoat. I based mine on Light Trails. I'm not that keen on this one because I think I could have designed it differently or even chosen a different theme. At the time though I liked it so I guess I shouldn't complain.

Below is a photo from our end of year fashion show at Eastwell Manor in Ashford. It is of my lovely models and myself before they strutted down the catwalk. I'm the one in the middle in case you didn't realise! :)

When it came to second year, I really started pushing myself and making myself do more than I needed too. However with the first project of the year, I wasn't motivated. At all. I think it was because I wasn't too keen on the project so I struggled getting into it like I had done with other projects. It was based on the 80's and we had to design a batwing top, skirt and a surface pattern. I enjoyed the construction and printing side of the project but I really struggled with the research. Usually I always go over the top with research and make myself do more than I need too but I hardly  touched my sketchbook for this one. I just didn't like it and it showed in my work. Although nearing the end, I did pick myself up and push myself to get the grade I wanted. Luckily, the last minute stress pulled through and I achieved the grade I wanted.

Below is a photo of the finished outfit. The skirt was meant to be more structured than this but I chose the wrong fabric.

For our second project, we could choose our own theme from either The British Seaside or The British Countryside. We had to design and create a camisole with a repeat pattern on and a pair of jeans. After researching both themes, I decided to go with the seaside. I enjoyed doing the research for this theme, I loved the colours and the different shapes I could use. I mainly looked at shells as I thought they would make a good repeat pattern.

This is the finished outfit -

We kept the jeans plain because we were marked on the construction and sewing skills on the jeans so I didn't want to make any major changes.

For our final project, we could choose our own theme and we had to create a brief ourselves. I chose Botanical Influences as I was highly inspired by Dior's Winter 2011 Collection. So after researching many amazing designers such as Elie Saab, Dior, Valentino and Alexander McQueen - Savage Beauty Collection, I knew I wanted to create my own 'haute couture' style dress.

Below is my finished garment - 

I loved designing and constructing this dress, it is by far my favourite garment out of all of my projects. If I were to do this again, I would probably make the dress shape more flower like but for my very first dress like this, I really like it!

Here are a few more model photo's from our end of year fashion show! Hope you like them!

My fringe really needed cutting! 
I didn't realise until I saw this! haha :)

Bit of a long post I know but I hope you liked it anyway!
Feel free to leave any comments below, I would love to know what you think!! :)

Michaela xx


  1. The dress in the third photo is beautiful artistry of the print and shape of the dress are superb! I love all of the photos of you with your lovely models and yourself at the end of year fashion show at Easywell Manor in Ashford.

    1. thank you so much!! :D your comment means a lot!! :) xx