My Week on Instagram

7 March 2015

Hello Everyone!
Hope you have had a good week!

For today's post I have decided to show you my week on Instagram. I have chosen five photo's from my feed which I think are the best ones that show my week. I try to post daily so it is usually an outfit post unless I am doing anything exciting or I see anything pretty!
I have been out all day with my camera, clicking away and creating content for next week, Which is why this post is quite short.
Hope you like it anyway!

Sunset over St Mary's Bay

Handmade Skirt

My Casual Look

Fabric and Lace

Monday's Outfit 

If you would like to see more day to day outfits and other things, follow my Instagram - @michaelapunnett02
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Bit of a short post tonight but I have got lot's of post's planned for next week and I am off out tomorrow to take more outfit photo's! So look out for upcoming posts! 

Thank you for reading and I hope you liked it!
Remember to leave your Instagram names/links below!

Michaela xx


  1. your so cute. amazing :*

    manishaanwari2 is my instagram

    your instagram pictures are way nice. I don't even know how people get good pictures #illlearn

    1. Thank you so much!! :) just followed your instagram! your photo's are lovely! love your blog too! :) xx

  2. I love your sense of style! it's one thing that definitely attracted me to your blog :) haha x

    1. Thank you so much!! :D that really means a lot! :) xx

  3. Love all of these photos. That fabric and lace is so pretty. My Insta is @thedaisyjaynes :) xx

    1. Thank you!! :D already following you lovely! your outfits are so nice! :) xx

  4. Love that outfit you're wearing in the last picture! The sunset is so gorgeous too, pretty sunsets are the perfect finish to the day.

    Catherine xx