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24 March 2015

Hope you are well!

For this post I have decided to show you my favourite pieces from Topshop at the moment. This also includes some photo's of when I tried them on in London!
I will link all the items at the bottom of the post for you! :)

Here are the items that I am after at the moment -

Before you scroll down, let me apologise for the bad quality photo's, it was easier to take them on my phone rather than my big camera.

Suede skirt -

I have fallen in love with this outfit! The suede skirt is just amazing! I shouldn't have tried it on because I knew that I would fall in love with it. However priced at £75 I had to part with it! :( 
I have so many ideas on how to style this skirt but its really frustrating that I can't buy it. It's just way too expensive for me at the moment.
Do any of you know where I can get a similar one? A lot cheaper than this one? haha :) 

Denim pinafore -

This pinafore is perfect for spring/summer! You can layer it up if your cold and you can wear it without tights and just a t-shirt for when its hot. The styling possibilities are endless! 
I would to wear a striped top underneath and with some red lipstick for a Parisian look!

Double denim - 

This was the first time I tried mom jeans on. I have always thought that they would make me look stumpy but these weren't too bad I don't think. I would roll the hems up more though, I didn't do it when I tried them on because I had tights on underneath and it would have looked funny. I'm still not too sure on mom jeans but if I could find them cheap enough I would give them a go. 

I love this double denim look though! I need to get myself a pair of dark denim jeans so I can pair my acid wash denim jacket with them! 

Here are all the links to the items I am wearing - Topshop

(My grey ribbed top and black boots are my own and are from Primark)

Let me know which outfit is your favourite!

That's all for this post, hope you liked it!
Thank you for reading and feel free to leave any comments!

Michaela xx

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