Throw back to Paris

23 February 2015

Hey Everyone!
Hope you are well!

I know on Monday's I usually post an outfit but, I was really silly yesterday and forgot to charge my camera so I couldn't take the photos and I didn't want to use my phone because the quality isn't as good as my DSLR. This is why I have decided to write a little post about my trip to Paris.

I went on holiday to Paris last year with my boyfriend Harry and some of my family. It was only for a week so it was quite hard to fit everything in as we were going to visit some family friends as well. They live in the suburbs of Paris, so we spent three days in Paris and two days at our friends.

We visited the Sacré-Cœur which is one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen! We also visited the Arc de Triomphe and a few other sights. I love the buildings in Paris! The architecture is just amazing!

Now of course I couldn't go to paris and not see the Eiffel tower! Again the structure of the tower and the architectural details are amazing! I was so inspired by the buildings that I decided to base one of my projects at college on it.

At first I didn't want to go all the way to the top because it looked scary and I was already nervous from being on a second floor! However Harry convinced me to go all the way to the top because we were already half way there and that it wasn't much further to go. So I swallowed my nerves and went for it! I am so glad that I did because it was such an amazing experience! The view was beautiful!

If you haven't been to Paris yet, I really recommend going! If you do go, you must go up the Eiffel Tower!
I love Paris and I have decided that I will live there some day! ;)

Here are a some of photo's from my visit, hope you like them!

The view from the very top! :) - 

The famous Galeries Lafayette! -

I fell in love as soon as I walked into the Galeries Lafayette! It is amazing! The decor is beautiful, the designer shops, the customer service, everything was perfect! I love it! This is a photo of the roof which it just so beautiful and detailed! 

I think I will end my post here otherwise I will just go on and on about how beautiful Pairs is and I'm sure many of you already know that! 

Sorry that it wasn't the usual outfit post but I hope you liked this post anyway! Next time I will make sure my battery is fully charged and I will have a spare battery with me as well! 

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

Michaela xx


  1. Great post! I really enjoyed reading about your visit to paris and I'm loving all your beautiful photos! I would love to visit one day :) El xxx

    1. thank you so much!! your comments are always so lovely! it means a lot! :D you have to go, its beautiful! :D xxx

  2. I'd love to visit Paris! Your trip sounds amazing and I have always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower for my myself x

    1. thank you so much!! your comments mean a lot! :) you have to go, its amazing! :D xxx