The A-line Denim Skirt

26 February 2015

Hello Everyone!
Hope you are well!

Sorry for not posting this yesterday but I needed to apply for my student finance so that took priority last night. All done now though so I can concentrate on posting properly without it in the back on my mind!

This weeks style is inspired by the 70's trend, now I know that I have said in a previous post that I am not keen on this trend but it is slowly growing on me. I don't think I would ever dress in a full 70's inspired outfit but I may go for a more subtle 70's look. Again this is just my own opinion, I think some people can really pull the 70's look off!

This is this week's style, hope you like it!

You can view all item details here -

Usually when I create these sets I start with some inspirational photos or a quote that I want to base the outfit off. However this time I started with the skirt. This is because I am obsessed with a certain ASOS denim skirt at the moment (photo below). I really need it in my wardrobe but I really cannot afford it right now! :'(  
I decided to style it for this week's post, so when I do eventually get the skirt or a similar one; I will have an outfit ready! 

Lovely isn't it? :)

Are there any items that you are after at the moment? 

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This is all for today's post, I hope you liked it!
Have a lovely evening!

Michaela xx


  1. I wish I could pull these skirts off, I love the velvet ones you can get! they are just fab :) x

    1. Oooh you can get velvet ones? another item to add to my wishlist! haha :) xxx

  2. I absolutely love that skirt! I too am not that keen on the '70s trend but this is one of the best takes on it I have seen.

    1. It's lovely isn't it! :) I thought I was the only one! haha thank you so much!! :D xxx