The day I turned 20

5 February 2015

Hello Everyone!
Hope you are well!

On Monday the 2nd I turned 20. I left my teenager years behind me and started my first day of being an adult. I may have turned 20 but I'm still extremely excited to go to Disney Land Paris later this year as my boyfriend brought me tickets for my birthday!

This is what I got up to on my birthday, didn't really do much as everyone was either at work or university but I still had a good day!

My birthday outfit - Will do a proper outfit post with this outfit soon.

Coat - Primark
Crop Top - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop
Hat - Primark
Chelsea Boots - Primark

I received the crop top for my birthday from my family. Even though it was freezing outside I still decided to wear it and style it with ripped jeans. I may have been cold but I loved my outfit!
This was the first day I wore this hat as well, I wasn't sure if it suited me but many of my family and friends told me it looked nice, So I went for it! Still getting used to it but I'm not as conscious as I was on Monday.

Tea at The Lavender Tree in Folkestone -

The Lavender Tree in Folkestone is the cutest tea shop I have ever been in! It's adorable! It was decorated in a Shabby Chic theme and lots of pastel accessories! 
The main thing I loved about it, was the vintage china tea cups and how the tea was served. You was given a wooden tray with a tea pot, milk jug, tea strainer and of course the tea cup and saucer. It was so cute! I want my tea to be served like this all the time! 

My evening - 

* Sorry about the poor photo quality 
but I didn't take my Nikon during 
the evening as I didn't need it, 
so this is from my phone. *

In the evening my boyfriend Harry took me out to dinner and to the cinema to watch the new Disney film Big Hero 6. As you can see from the photo below, the cinema was empty. We were the only two in there for a good 20 minutes! A few more people came in but it was still only about 10 of us! It was a late viewing which probably why but I wish it was like this all the time!

I received many lovely and thoughtful gifts from family and friends and I am very grateful for what I was given. I would write about them all but I would feel like I am bragging and I don't want to come across that way. 

That is all for my birthday post, I hope you enjoyed it!
Thank you for reading! Have a lovely evening!

Michaela xx

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