Floral Bomber Jacket

16 February 2015

Hello Everyone!
Hope you are well!

When I had these photos taken yesterday, the weather was beautiful! It generally felt like spring had arrived and it was warm! The bomber jacket I'm wearing with this outfit is quite thin and I was fine just wearing that without a coat. Also I got to wear my hat without feeling silly because it wasn't sunny! 

However since its Britain and we cannot have two nice days in a row, today was cold and dull. Which is annoying since I loved the weather yesterday and it felt so much like spring. Just seems like the weather has gone backwards! Typical. 

Oh well, I will just have to keeping dreaming of spring until it arrives for good! 
This is my outfit post today and I hope you like it! :)

Bomber Jacket - Primark
Hat - Primark
Cut-out Boots - New Look

I brought this body con dress from Topshop last year for Christmas and I haven't found anything that won't go with it! The dress is so easy to style and is perfect for days where you are undecided on what to wear. You could dress it up with a blazer or just add some jewellery for a night out. Or you can add a chunky cardigan and a layered necklace for a more relaxed look. This dress will honestly go with anything. For only £22 and I think it is a bargain and a must have in your wardrobe! It is definitely worth the price!
Topshop currently have a selection of colours for this dress and I am thinking about getting the navy blue or grey one at the moment. I have linked (above) the web page for my black dress so you can see the style and the other colours available.

The floral bomber jacket is from Primark but I brought it last summer and I'm afraid its not available anymore; unless your able to find it on eBay or another selling website. I'm sure there are similar jackets around though, especially in the lead up to spring.
My hat is also from Primark and I brought it recently for only £8!! It may not be the best quality but what do you expect for £8? I think it is a good buy if you want to try out the style of the hat to see whether it suits you or not, which is why I brought this one. I'm glad I brought this rather than buying a more expensive one because now I know that I like the style and I might spend out on a better one.

My boots are from New Look, I did buy them last year but there are many styles that are so similar to these ones and you might even find them still in store. I love these boots, they are perfect for me as you know from my previous posts!

This is it for my outfit post today, I hope you liked it and I would love to know what you think!
Feel free to leave any comments below and I will reply as soon as I can!

Thank you for reading and have a nice evening!

Michaela xx