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Sorry for not posting this yesterday but I needed to apply for my student finance so that took priority last night. All done now though so I can concentrate on posting properly without it in the back on my mind!

This weeks style is inspired by the 70's trend, now I know that I have said in a previous post that I am not keen on this trend but it is slowly growing on me. I don't think I would ever dress in a full 70's inspired outfit but I may go for a more subtle 70's look. Again this is just my own opinion, I think some people can really pull the 70's look off!

This is this week's style, hope you like it!

You can view all item details here -

Usually when I create these sets I start with some inspirational photos or a quote that I want to base the outfit off. However this time I started with the skirt. This is because I am obsessed with a certain ASOS denim skirt at the moment (photo below). I really need it in my wardrobe but I really cannot afford it right now! :'(  
I decided to style it for this week's post, so when I do eventually get the skirt or a similar one; I will have an outfit ready! 

Lovely isn't it? :)

Are there any items that you are after at the moment? 

Also don't forget to check out my new Facebook page for Delicate Rose Blog! I would really appreciate it if you could take a look! :) 

If you have a link, feel free to leave it in the comments and I will take a look!

This is all for today's post, I hope you liked it!
Have a lovely evening!

Michaela xx
Hey Everyone!
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I know on Monday's I usually post an outfit but, I was really silly yesterday and forgot to charge my camera so I couldn't take the photos and I didn't want to use my phone because the quality isn't as good as my DSLR. This is why I have decided to write a little post about my trip to Paris.

I went on holiday to Paris last year with my boyfriend Harry and some of my family. It was only for a week so it was quite hard to fit everything in as we were going to visit some family friends as well. They live in the suburbs of Paris, so we spent three days in Paris and two days at our friends.

We visited the Sacré-Cœur which is one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen! We also visited the Arc de Triomphe and a few other sights. I love the buildings in Paris! The architecture is just amazing!

Now of course I couldn't go to paris and not see the Eiffel tower! Again the structure of the tower and the architectural details are amazing! I was so inspired by the buildings that I decided to base one of my projects at college on it.

At first I didn't want to go all the way to the top because it looked scary and I was already nervous from being on a second floor! However Harry convinced me to go all the way to the top because we were already half way there and that it wasn't much further to go. So I swallowed my nerves and went for it! I am so glad that I did because it was such an amazing experience! The view was beautiful!

If you haven't been to Paris yet, I really recommend going! If you do go, you must go up the Eiffel Tower!
I love Paris and I have decided that I will live there some day! ;)

Here are a some of photo's from my visit, hope you like them!

The view from the very top! :) - 

The famous Galeries Lafayette! -

I fell in love as soon as I walked into the Galeries Lafayette! It is amazing! The decor is beautiful, the designer shops, the customer service, everything was perfect! I love it! This is a photo of the roof which it just so beautiful and detailed! 

I think I will end my post here otherwise I will just go on and on about how beautiful Pairs is and I'm sure many of you already know that! 

Sorry that it wasn't the usual outfit post but I hope you liked this post anyway! Next time I will make sure my battery is fully charged and I will have a spare battery with me as well! 

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

Michaela xx

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This week has gone so fast! It just feels like the week has flown by! I don't even remember what I did on Monday, which is quite bad really! I only remember what I have done from Wednesday onwards and that's only because I'm at Mod Dolly every Wednesday. Usually I'm not to bad with remembering but recently I have got worse! Hopefully it's just a faze as my family have started calling me Dory from Finding Nemo because of it! haha! -.-

Anyway this is my outfit post today, hope you like it!

Leather Jacket - Topshop
Crop Top - Topshop
Skinny Jeans - Zara
Scarf - Primark
Flatforms - Primark

For this outfit post I decided to create a more casual style for those days where you don't want to dress up much. Also the day these photos were taken, I was out with family taking our new dalmatian puppy for a walk and I didn't want to wear my best clothes for that, Even if she still kept going for the tassels on my scarf! I really wanted a photo with her beside me but she wouldn't sit still long enough! She just wanted to go for the camera which is also why there are not many photo's for this outfit!

I chose to wear my tartan scarf to add some colour and texture to the outfit. I love the colours of this tartan as well. I have a bigger tartan scarf but the colours are quite dark so I felt this one would brighten the outfit more. Plus I didn't want a big blanket like scarf because it was too warm and the size and thickness of this one was perfect. 

It was quite nice to wear flats for once! Usually I'm always wearing heeled boots and it was nice to get my feet a rest by wearing these slip on trainers. They are from Primark but I bought them last year, however I have seen many similar ones on ASOS and Topshop. 

Here's a couple of photo's of Ellie (Dalmatian Puppy) :)

It was very difficult to get a decent photo where she wasn't moving around much. Most of the photo's were blurred because she would just run at the camera! 

That's all for my outfit post today, I hope you liked it!
Feel free to leave any comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Michaela xx
Hello Everyone!
Hope your having a good week so far!

Before I start with this weeks style, I have a question to ask and a social media update.

Firstly, who would be interested in a blog sale? 

I have loads of clothing and accessories that I want and need to get rid of, most of them have only been worn once! I have tried eBay and apps like Depop; I have even set up an account on Instagram. Unfortunately, none have been very successful and not many people viewed the items no matter how much I shared/posted them.
I have been thinking about doing this for a while but I would like a rough estimate of how many people would actually be interested. Which is why I have mentioned it within this post. If there is a good amount people interested I will post some items tomorrow. Most items will be £10 and under but I do have some evening dresses that will be a bit higher than £10.

Please comment below or let me know via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook if you would be interested!  I really need these items gone as soon as possible!
Twitter - @michaelapunnett
Instagram - @michaelapunnett02

Social Media Update - 

If you haven't seen already, my blog now has a Facebook page where you can keep up to date with all my latest posts and news! Feel free to take a look and like the page! :)

Wednesday Styling - 

Item details - 

I am seriously in love with this paisley top from Topshop! The colours and the print are just amazing! I love it all! 

Another reason why I like this set so much is because of the quotes I have used within the set. I think they are true and mean something to me. 
The first is - 'Creativity takes Courage' 
I love this quote because I feel it is true and I generally think that creativity does take courage. You create something because you like it and it means something to you but not everyone will see it the way you do. I think that takes courage because you will get those who disagree but you have to look past them and not let their comments affect your confidence. 

The second is - 'It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone' 
Now this I think is very true. The quote explains itself and everyone who reads it will have their own meaning for it; which is what I love about this quote!

A bit of a long post today but I had a lot I wanted to include so I hope it wasn't boring for you!
I would love to know what you think of the outfit so feel free to comment below!

As I have mentioned above, please let me know if you are interested in me having a blog sale, it would really help me out by getting rid of all my unwanted items and it will give you some great bargains! 
Please let me know on any of the social platforms that I have mentioned above or you can email - mlpunnett@gmail.com if you prefer. 

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you liked it!

Michaela xx
Hello Everyone!
Hope you are well!

When I had these photos taken yesterday, the weather was beautiful! It generally felt like spring had arrived and it was warm! The bomber jacket I'm wearing with this outfit is quite thin and I was fine just wearing that without a coat. Also I got to wear my hat without feeling silly because it wasn't sunny! 

However since its Britain and we cannot have two nice days in a row, today was cold and dull. Which is annoying since I loved the weather yesterday and it felt so much like spring. Just seems like the weather has gone backwards! Typical. 

Oh well, I will just have to keeping dreaming of spring until it arrives for good! 
This is my outfit post today and I hope you like it! :)

Bomber Jacket - Primark
Hat - Primark
Cut-out Boots - New Look

I brought this body con dress from Topshop last year for Christmas and I haven't found anything that won't go with it! The dress is so easy to style and is perfect for days where you are undecided on what to wear. You could dress it up with a blazer or just add some jewellery for a night out. Or you can add a chunky cardigan and a layered necklace for a more relaxed look. This dress will honestly go with anything. For only £22 and I think it is a bargain and a must have in your wardrobe! It is definitely worth the price!
Topshop currently have a selection of colours for this dress and I am thinking about getting the navy blue or grey one at the moment. I have linked (above) the web page for my black dress so you can see the style and the other colours available.

The floral bomber jacket is from Primark but I brought it last summer and I'm afraid its not available anymore; unless your able to find it on eBay or another selling website. I'm sure there are similar jackets around though, especially in the lead up to spring.
My hat is also from Primark and I brought it recently for only £8!! It may not be the best quality but what do you expect for £8? I think it is a good buy if you want to try out the style of the hat to see whether it suits you or not, which is why I brought this one. I'm glad I brought this rather than buying a more expensive one because now I know that I like the style and I might spend out on a better one.

My boots are from New Look, I did buy them last year but there are many styles that are so similar to these ones and you might even find them still in store. I love these boots, they are perfect for me as you know from my previous posts!

This is it for my outfit post today, I hope you liked it and I would love to know what you think!
Feel free to leave any comments below and I will reply as soon as I can!

Thank you for reading and have a nice evening!

Michaela xx
Hello Everyone!
Hope you have had a good week so far!

I have decided to do a Valentine's themed style post today. However, I decided to go for a softer romantic style rather than lots of bright red shades. Also I didn't want to style a 'date night' outfit because I found styling that type of outfit boring. That's just me though. So for this style I wanted to include lots of pastel shades mixed with creamy natural colours.

It is also because I am dreaming of warmer weather which is why I used the seaside photos for inspiration and I thought they were cute! I really cannot wait till spring so I can style and wear more outfits like this!

Hope you like it!

For full item details you can view them here - 

Would love to know what you think! Feel free to comment below!

Hope you liked my post today, thank you for reading!

Michaela xx

Hello Everyone!
Hope you are all well!

Sorry for not being able to post much over the weekend. My wifi at home has been playing up and every time I went to publish it, the wifi crashed and after trying a couple of times I gave up. I think it the wifi box has been sorted now as it seems okay, so hopefully this week I can post everything I have  planned!

This is my outfit post for today! Hope you like it!

Coat - Primark
Crop Top - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Primark
Hat - Primark

I cannot wait till warmer weather so I can wear this amazing crop top out without a coat! I love the print of the top and want to wear it more often but where it is still winter it is freezing!

The top is from Topshop and they have loads of similar crop tops like this and I just want them all! However I refuse to buy them yet because I probably won't wear them till the warmer weather arrives. Which is annoying because I would love to spend some of my birthday money on them but I just can't justify it yet! haha

Sorry it's a short post tonight but I have a few things I need to do and so I have had to cut my post short.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it anyway!

Michaela xx

Hello Everyone!
Hope you are well!

On Monday the 2nd I turned 20. I left my teenager years behind me and started my first day of being an adult. I may have turned 20 but I'm still extremely excited to go to Disney Land Paris later this year as my boyfriend brought me tickets for my birthday!

This is what I got up to on my birthday, didn't really do much as everyone was either at work or university but I still had a good day!

My birthday outfit - Will do a proper outfit post with this outfit soon.

Coat - Primark
Crop Top - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop
Hat - Primark
Chelsea Boots - Primark

I received the crop top for my birthday from my family. Even though it was freezing outside I still decided to wear it and style it with ripped jeans. I may have been cold but I loved my outfit!
This was the first day I wore this hat as well, I wasn't sure if it suited me but many of my family and friends told me it looked nice, So I went for it! Still getting used to it but I'm not as conscious as I was on Monday.

Tea at The Lavender Tree in Folkestone -

The Lavender Tree in Folkestone is the cutest tea shop I have ever been in! It's adorable! It was decorated in a Shabby Chic theme and lots of pastel accessories! 
The main thing I loved about it, was the vintage china tea cups and how the tea was served. You was given a wooden tray with a tea pot, milk jug, tea strainer and of course the tea cup and saucer. It was so cute! I want my tea to be served like this all the time! 

My evening - 

* Sorry about the poor photo quality 
but I didn't take my Nikon during 
the evening as I didn't need it, 
so this is from my phone. *

In the evening my boyfriend Harry took me out to dinner and to the cinema to watch the new Disney film Big Hero 6. As you can see from the photo below, the cinema was empty. We were the only two in there for a good 20 minutes! A few more people came in but it was still only about 10 of us! It was a late viewing which probably why but I wish it was like this all the time!

I received many lovely and thoughtful gifts from family and friends and I am very grateful for what I was given. I would write about them all but I would feel like I am bragging and I don't want to come across that way. 

That is all for my birthday post, I hope you enjoyed it!
Thank you for reading! Have a lovely evening!

Michaela xx

Hello Everyone!
Hope you are well!

I'm afraid today's post is only a short one due to having major writers block and our internet is being crappy! Hopefully tomorrow's post will make up for it though!

I decided to go with a 'Parisian' sort of style/theme with this set. I have done this by using minimal colours and keeping it quite neutral. The striped crop top and bright red lipstick give the outfit the 'Parisian' style I wanted as well as the oversized fedora.

This is my Wednesday Styling set for today, hope you like it!

Items - Topshop
For full item details, visit - 

Would love to know your thoughts on this post! 
Feel free to leave any comments below and I will reply as soon as I can!

That's all for today's post, thank you for reading and I hope you liked it!

Michaela xx
Hello Everyone!
Hope you are well!

Firstly I would like to apologise that I didn't post this last night! It was my birthday yesterday and I went out and had dinner with my boyfriend. After my busy day and evening, I completely forgot to post! However I am making up for it this week by posting my Birthday post on Thursday.

So this is my outfit post and I hope you like it!

Coat - Primark
Top - New Look
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Primark
Hat - Primark

While I was waiting for my train to London last Wednesday, I noticed a girl walk past with this coat. I instantly fell in love with it and thought about asking her wear she had got it from. Bad luck for me though as she got onto a different train, so I didn't get the chance to ask. As soon as I sat down on my train, I searched for the coat online. I honestly thought it was from Miss Guided or another online brand. I was so disappointed when I couldn't find it and so I convinced myself that it wasn't available anymore because the girl had brought it years ago. 

The next day I was in town with family, I wasn't planning on buying anything and just wanted a little look around. We wondered into Primark, aimlessly browsing the clothing and then I saw it. The coat I saw the girl wearing. I have ran and half walked (to reverse my diginty) over to the rail and grabbed whatever size was first on the rail. I honestly couldn't believe that I had found it! I decided there and then that I was going to buy it no matter the price. Luckily my size was there and it was also in the sale for only £10!! Bonus!! I could not believe it. As you can see I brought the coat and I love it! 

I also brought the hat on the same day as the coat because I thought they would look good together. I have always thought that I didn't suit hats but I have always wanted to pull them off. As I was on a high because I found the coat, I thought why not. I can bring it back if it really doesn't suit me.
When I tried it on at home, it didn't look that bad but I knew it would take some getting used too. Both family and friends have told me that it does look nice and it does suit me but I am still getting used to it. I have worn it out a couple times but I was conscious of it. However, I wore it and I'm happy with that!

Since then I have gone out and brought a bowler hat as well, I think the bowler suits me a bit more but I think that is because its smaller than this one. Where I am still getting used to hats it helps that its a bit smaller. I might do an outfit post with it soon!

That is all for my outfit post! Thank you for reading and I hope you liked it!
Feel free to leave any comments below and I will reply as soon as I can!

Michaela xx
Hello Everyone!
Hope you had a good day!

So who else is glad for January to be over? I am that's for sure! Not that it was a bad month or anything, January went quite quick for me. It's just because I have so much to look forward to in February and it is also one step closer to Spring!! Yay!

A lot of things happened in January so I have decided to do a little January Favourites to sum up my best three.

1. Interning at Mod Dolly

Pinafore - Mod Dolly

Starting with my No. 1 favourite, interning at Mod Dolly for two weeks. For those of you who have not heard of Mod Dolly, they are a established brand that sells handmade and vintage inspired clothing. They are based in London and work with traditional pieces by adding a modern touch to make them their own. The pieces they create are a signature style that will stay on trend for many years. 
I was lucky enough to be accepted to do a two week internship with them and I loved it. It was really good and I enjoyed it so much! I felt sad that it was only for two weeks and didn't want to leave. Which led me to cheekily ask them whether I would be able to go up once a week to help them out. To my surprise they agreed for me to do one day a week!! Which has made me so happy and I really appreciate them agreeing to this as they didn't have too!! 

2. Starting the New Year on a Positive note

*Photo taken by myself*

During the last few months of 2014 I wasn't in a great place and it affected my health. I'm not going to go into details but it wasn't great. So in the New Year I wanted to start it on a positive note and put 2014 behind me for good. 
I decided to write all the bad things that happened down on a scrap piece of paper and then rip it up. In my mind it was just getting rid of all the bad things for good so I can have a fresh start and ready for the New Year. 
So far I have remained positive and things are looking up!

3. Started Blogging again

*You can find my outfit details in my previous post*

I started blogging early last year but I don't think it was the right time for me as I wasn't very good at keeping to a routine. I was also in my last year at college so I was quite stressed and busy with my final project which didn't help. So I kinda just gave up with it for a while and then I started working full time which stressed me out. Retail. It is the bane of my life. I hated it, which again didn't help with my blog as I was always in a bad mood. So I just stopped blogging and decided that I might start it up again in the New Year. 
When I started the first week at Mod Dolly, it really inspired me to start blogging again and that weekend I started my blog up again with a outfit post. Since then I have made sure I post every week and I am trying to get into a routine. So far so good! 

That is all for this post, it's a bit different to the other posts I usually write but I hope you liked it anyway. Feel free to leave any comments below and I will reply as soon as I can! :)

Thank you for reading and make sure you look out for tomorrow's Birthday & Outfit post!

Michaela xx