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10 August 2014

Jumper - River Island
Shirt & Mini Satchel - Primark
Skinny Jeans & Socks - Topshop 
Shoes - Dr Martens

Hey Everyone! 
Hope you are all well :)

I was planning to post a summer outfit as I have actually brought a few skirts! However, the weather had other ideas. We have just got the tail end of the hurricane bertha today, so I really didn't want to dress in summer clothing. I just wanted to snuggle up in a big jumper as it feels like winter rather than summer. This jumper is perfect for days like today and I can't wait to wear it more in winter.

I love this jumper from River Island although the slogan isn't quite true for me, as I don't blog full time but I am aiming too! I brought the jumper as motivation, hoping that it will make me post more. Think it's working, as I have been looking forward to doing this post all week, it's just a shame about the weather. Other than that, the jumper is so comphy and goes with everything. I love it! 

The topshop skinny jeans are perfect. I love them! They are my first pair from topshop, I have been reluctant to buy them as I have heard they are not that good and don't last long. If it wasn't for my boyfriend I probably still wouldn't have a pair, he made me try them on and I'm so glad that he did! He also made me try on the Dr Martens, which again I was unsure on because I thought they wouldn't suit me..but again he proved me wrong and I instantly fell in love with them. 

The mini pink satchel is from primark, love the colour and perfect for days when I don't want to take anything other than my purse and phone. That's all I can fit in it, even if I wanted to put more in it. It looks cute and the colour is spot on for the pastel trend. 

Hope you all enjoyed this post and I'm already looking forward to posting next week (see the jumpers working!) 
Thank you for reading and feel free to leave any comments :)

Michaela xx

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