Outfit of the day: Beige Coat

19 August 2014

Hey Everyone,
hope you are all well,

Firstly I know this post is late, it's because I'm in the process of moving all my documents and photos over to my new laptop which arrived on monday. So I thought it was worth waiting, so I can save the new outfit photos onto my new laptop rather than my old one.

Anyway this is my outfit from sunday and I hope you enjoy the rest of this post :)

Coat, Skinny jeans & Shoes - Primark
Blouse - H&M
Silk Scarf - Vintage Boutique in Paris

This coat. Is AMAZING. I cannot believe it is from Primark! I have been on the look out for a beige/camel colour coat for this fall. It has been on my 'to buy' list for a while and since I am earning a bit more now, I thought that I would finally spend out and buy one. Originally I was looking in shops like Zara, River Island and Topshop for this but I couldn't find one that matched my vision of the 'perfect' coat for me. I honestly I did not expect to find the coat in Primark...for only £23!! As soon as I saw the coat, I snatched it up and did not think twice about it. I do wish it was slightly thicker but the style and colour are just perfect. Exactly what I wanted. I will just wear thicker jumpers underneath and big scarfs.
Now I have this coat, I cannot wait till autumn so I can wear this coat everyday! Admittedly I do enjoy dressing for autumn/winter more than summer, in which I get called 'odd' and 'weird' for, but I couldn't care less. I just love the cooler weather.

The blouse is from H&M and it comes in two other colours which I have brought, since its a nice basic that will go with most things. I have it in a mustard yellow which is bang on trend for this autumn and I also have it in a cream colour with small blue birds printed on it. The only downside is that the fabric is quite delicate and snags easy, so just be careful if you have brought or plan to buy any of these blouses.

I brought my scarf from a small boutique while I was in Paris last year. I have lost the business card from the boutique, so I don't remember where exactly it is from. The scarf print is off the major landmarks in Paris such as; Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe. I think the colours are lovely as well as the illustrations of the landmarks. I just wish I remembered where it is from so if I do go back, I can find the boutique again.

Hope you enjoyed the belated outfit post and I promise that this weeks will be on time.

I was thinking about doing an August haul/wish list. I could post about the items I have brought or a wish list of items maybe?  Or I could post about my 'favourites' this month such as books, films, clothing etc. Still in the process of planning these ideas but hopefully I will post something slightly different than the usual outfit post.

Thats all from me and I hope you enjoyed this post
If you have any thoughts or ideas that might help, feel free to leave any comments :)

Michaela xx

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