H&M Wishlist

25 August 2014

*All images are from H&M website and Polyvore*
Striped Blouse - £14.99
Burgundy Skinny Jeans - £14.99
Silver Rings - £2.99
Burgundy Bag - £12.99
Boots - £29.99
Hat - £12.99

Hey Everyone!
Hope you are all well :)

After being at work all day yesterday and todays weather being miserable, I haven't had the chance to take any photos for my outfit post -.- 
However I have a week off this week, so I will be taking photos of a couple of outfits which will cover times like this. 

Instead of writing an outfit post, I have decided to write a wish list post. I have chosen my work H&M because there are so many beautiful pieces in at the moment!! If I had the chance I would most likely buy it all! Even with staff discount, the amount of pieces I want (and need in my life) I would still be broke afterwards. 
Anyway, I have gathered some images from the H&M website and Polyvore to put together the image above, showing what I would like most at the moment. I plan to buy these items...eventually. 

Starting with the boots...they are just wonderful. They are perfect for autumn and you can wear them with almost everything! They do come in a matte black if your not a fan of the patient look. They are also the most expensive out of the items I have chosen, but I think they are worth it. 
The burgundy bag is also a must have! It looks so simple but I love it! The colour is perfect and its just the right size for everyday use. It also comes in a mustard yellow which is also beautiful. 

The striped blouse and jeans are lovely however they are not anything special. Just a nice simple outfit for autumn. The jeans are very popular though, they are sold out in my store. I have not seen the blouse yet, but when I do I will defiantly grab one. I think the checked scarf is amazing, I really need this since the weather has turned horrible early. So it will keep me warm on the cold, rainy days.

The rings and the hat are just a wish, since most rings don't fit my fingers as they are so skinny, they just fall off! I was wearing a ring this morning (can be seen on my instagram) and I looked down at my hand about an hour ago and noticed that it was not there. I have not yet found it -.- So I tend to stay away from wearing rings, as much as I would love to wear them. The hat...I really really wish I could pull off hats!! I have seen so many nice ones, but they just do not suit me!! I might buy a cheaper one and see if I can arrange it right so it looks okay but I'm not going to get my hopes up... 

Thats all for my wish list post, hope you enjoyed reading the post!!
Feel free to leave all comments! :)

Thanks for reading!!

Michaela xx

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