London, UK

Winter Florals

12 January 2014


Jacket - Topshop, Blouse - Urban Outfitters, Trousers - Zara, Bag - Topshop, Shoes - H&M

Hi Everyone!
First of all, I would like to welcome you to my blog. This is actually my first blog so I am still learning how to use Blogger properly. If you have any helpful tips, just leave a comment below :)

I love florals and I don't want to just wear them in summer. So when I spotted these floral trousers from Zara, I had to get them! They are perfect for the cold winter months and they brighten up any day. This is just one of the outfits I wore with them, you can literally pair them with anything. I love them so much! They were only £25 as well, which is a really good price.
I actually found the leather Topshop jacket in a charity shop...for only £10!! So far that jacket is the best item I have found in a charity shop. It did have a small rip in the sleeve lining, but that was easily fixable. I had to share this with you because I still cannot believe I found it! Charity Shopping is definitely a must! Especially since the money is going to a good cause :)

So, this is it for my first post. However there is going to be loads more to come!
Thanks for looking at my blog and if you want me to take a look at your blog, just leave the link in the comments :)

- Michaela x

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  1. I am IN LOVE with these trousers. Nice post!

  2. you look absolutely amazing, literally those trousers and bag - I NEED THEM! Love how you've styled this outfit and cannot wait for more posts from you lovely!

    Kassie - x

  3. you look great, following you on bloglovin, I hope you follow back

  4. Love the bag :-)