London, UK

Paul Smith and Isabella Blow Exhibitions

14 January 2014

Hey Everyone!
Hope you are all well!

Today I went on a college trip to London to visit the Paul Smith and Isabella Blow exhibitions, to gather research for our current project.
I only have photos from the Paul Smith exhibition due to the Isabella Blow exhibition would not allow us to take any photos; which is really annoying, there was some AMAZING outfits in there by Alexander McQueen. (my all time favourite designer!)

Anyway, I quite enjoyed the Paul Smith exhibition. I haven't really heard of Paul Smith before, but I knew about his iconic striped mini designs. The exhibition was split into sections of his career, from where he started up and through to present day. My favourite section was the design studio (see top photos!) it looked so creative and I just was to rummage around all the designs and fabrics!! I would love to work in an environment like this!
Another section I really liked was his clothing collections. Some of the pieces I wasn't too keen on, but everyone has their own opinion. There was a top that I loved straight away, which is a silk shirt with butterfly prints on. I really like how the yellow border print contrasts with the black, cream and red butterflies. I can see myself wearing a top just like that, I just love it!

As for the Isabella Blow I really wish they allowed photography in there.
To be honest, I have never heard of Isabella Blow before this exhibition; I had no idea who she was. However from the exhibition I now know that she was a magazine editor, and she discovered many models and designers such as Alexander McQueen, Julien McDonald and Philip Treacy. The exhibition showcased her life and designs/garments by the designers she discovered. Most of the garments were by Alexander McQueen, which I loved. I did enjoy this exhibition, but I really wish we could have taken photos.

That's all from me tonight, hope you enjoyed reading this post :)
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- Michaela x


  1. sounds like you had a good day! great photos X

  2. Babe! I adore your blog soo much!! I'm your newest follower on Bloglovin' :-).. Hope you can follow back!